Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Vegas: looking at the trip

Heyo! Apparently there was some confusion amongst some of you out there, what with me suddenly saying that I was in Vegas, so allow me to quickly explain what was going on. Some time ago, my dad made plans to vacation out in Vegas from March 21 to the 25. I got the days off, and...there we stayed. It was a nice place, honestly, and a lot happened over there, and if not for the fact that it cost three fingers and my left foot to pay for just two hours of tv internet at the room with their (horrid, horrid, horrid!!) wireless keyboard, I could have updated my journal while there, and let you people know what was going on.

Anyways, to cover my stay in Las Vegas, I'll review what went on in a couple different segments, all in different styles. It's time to review my time there.

What I Did in Las Vegas
by Mikey, age 9

Dear Jernel, last Sunday, I went up to Las Vegas, Nevada, with my parents. We had fun. We did a lot while we were up there. We stayed at a big hotel called "Mandalay Bay". The windows were gold and shiney. Our room had two beds. Mom and Dad stayed in one. I slept in the other. My uncle Phil from Seattle stayed with us a couple nights too. He is cool. I like him.

My parents gambled a lot. They lost a lot of money. I put some money in a machine a couple times, and lost it. I thought it was stupid, so I stopped. Uncle Phil didn't gamble a lot either.

We did a lot while in Las Vegas. Uncle Phil and Mom saw some hammerhead sharks. Dad and I went on a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon. It was fun. I took pictures. They served some champagne to celebrate the flight. I had some. It tasted bad. It was really bitter. That was the only alcohol I had in Las Vegas. We also looked at "the strip". There were a lot of bright lights and casinos there. A couple casinos gave us beads. They didn't want to see my breasts, though. There were also a lot of strip clubs there. I didn't go to any. There were a lot of pamphlets and cards advertising a lot of these places around Las Vegas, put in vendors, plus blowing around with pollution. A man also tried to sell me cocaine, but I told him "no". I asked him if Gameworks was open instead. On our last night there, Dad treated us to see Lance Burton. He was a neat illusionist magician. He made a sports car appear. He also made ducks appear from nowhere. I don't know how he did it. I also visited a nightclub. It was the first I ever went to. They played music so loud it hurt my ears. I went home early from there, and went to bed.

Las Vegas was really fun, but I don't want to live there. Dad says he wants to go again and spend two weeks out there. I don't know if he is joking or not. I hope he is. I don't like seeing him and Mom losing money to the "Wheel of fortune" slot machines. They lost a lot of money.

The end.
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