Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"I'll be here...watching you...."

I'm just quickly writing in here because I think I should. I was thinking about buying another wire for my digital camera, so that I'll be able to use it again. Maybe I'll be able to put more pictures on here now, instead of waiting for pictures to develop from normal film, then transferring them (with a fee) to digital media.

Darrell got a camera the other day with the sole purpose of taking pictures of him and I doing stuff. He plans on getting those put onto a photo CD when they're developed. It'll be pretty nice, because the ones I saw him take actually were pretty cool. The gang at Inmans, "ninja" pictures, and a variety of others. I think they'll turn out okay.

Justin had me watch "Lain". For those of you out there who don't know about it, it's an odd series that deals with the internet...sort of...and about memories, basically. It's a really...really...really...weird anime with a slow plot, and unless you're willing to dull your mind through the first half of the series, so you don't get infuriated with the slow, slow moving plot...it's sort of an interesting watch.... Really friggin' weird, though. Now that I've seen it, I want to kick Justin's butt. The ending wasn't anything I was expecting.... XD

Not a lot has been going on with my life, recently, other than the resurgence of this cold. I've had this infection for over two weeks now, and it doesn't want to go away. I think the worst I had it was over at Nick's house some weeks ago, when my nose literally became a faucet. I was heading to his bathroom every few minutes to grab some tissue paper. While in Vegas, it seemed it subsided for most of the time while out there, but just a couple days ago, this thing surged back. Just today, my snot changed color (...not meaning to be gross there...), meaning that I've got a sinus infection, I think. I just took a bunch of vitamin C, though, so hopefully by tomorrow morning that will change. Plus I've been trying to get liquids into my system. I drank a lot of Mountain Dew while at work today, plus I've drank a lot while I've been here at home. I'm sorry, folks, but it just tastes tasty to me! :D Hopefully soon...I'll be away with this cold...then able to feel better.

I started talking to Justin yesterday (mrgigglepuss), and he seems like an all right guy. Unfortunately when I've talked to him, I've usually accidentally left mid-conversation (last night I was watching Lain...then just conked out while watching the credits...). He's supposed to leave the region pretty soon (he lives by me, actually), so I thought I'd try and get a hold of him before he does.

Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi~!! (don't ask; best not to ;) )

Anyways, Darrell, Shaun, I'm going to get you guys some pictures to use with your journals. Give me till tomorrow, would ya? We can't let you be LJ newbies walking around with just a name for us to recognize you by. ;) I think I'll have to forego the Matrix-esque stick figures, and go with something more personable....

Anyways, I've got to go meet up with Darrell at T's. I'll see you folks. ...and, ah...should...I update with small stuff like this more often, or instead go for (attempted...) involved entries like I normally do...? =/
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