Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

So it's April 1st. Don't expect me to do anything funny.


Anyhow, with that happy note, I'll start this entry at this insanely early time in the morning. Last night I was up later than I should have been, then slept in way too late because of being sick, and now I'm awake and the feeling of tiredness is beyond me, and outside I can see the sky already beginning to lighten up. Just shy of 5 in the morning, and the birds are already starting to sing. ...daggumit....

Anyhow, the past few days have been relatively uneventful. I'm still stuck on my current video, and if I could get footage from one or two specific episodes...I could likely finish this how I imagined. But instead I have what I do...and, listen, I'm honestly not complaining! I'm honestly very grateful for having what I do! For crying out loud, it's just about next to impossible to find episodes of the Pizza Cats online! And I've actually found most of my favorite episodes, thanks to a kind fellow I only knew as "D_Double Mac"...or...something to that effect (it was WinMX, he had an odd name, okay?!).

My pal Justin just told me about an anime club they have out here in northwest Indiana. I'm thinking about joining up. The only reason he mentioned it to me was because I was telling him I was desperate for finding video sources for a video idea I had. For any anime fans out there...who do you know that has "FLCL" in their possession...that wasn't downloaded?

Work has been going okay. I've still been out delivering pizzas, and only recently have I found myself having to deliver pizzas in the rain. While I've had to do it before, it was only brief downpours in the past...but Tuesday I was out with constant rain pouring down. That isn't fun having to deal with when you're wearing a thin Pizza Hut brand jacket and are trying to get your tire re-inflated.... But honestly, I really do like rain. If it were warmer outside, I would enjoy it more.

Oh! Speaking of which, the weather...all except for rain with cold...has been beautiful outside! The sky even has been looking great! A nice, radiant clear blue sky with the sun shining, making me actually use my goggles of sunglasses (plz no more comments!!), while at other times large, fluffy white clouds drift across the spanning blue, causing very large, odd shadows to idly drift across the landscape, unexpectedly darkening and lightening the ground as they do. And even when it's dreary...as long as it's not thick, grey, depressing-ish raining clouds, it even still looks nice. I recall looking up and seeing a bright spot of the sky where the sun was trying to shine through, its lighted orb of a shape being partially shown and obscured by transluscent clouds (I like thorough descriptions! XD ).

Anyhow, continuing on...ahh yes, yes.... For those of you who have been reading my journal for awhile, you'll recall about the time that I moved in with my parents back in October mentioning something about my dad having something of a "mid-life crisis".... Well today one of his desires from back then finally was achieved.

"Hey, Mike," he said to me as I was brushing my hair, trying to hurry so I wouldn't be late for work. "Go quickly check out something in the garage." I quietly made my way through the house, still trying to get the wet mop on top of my head into a semblance of looking reasonable. I opened the door and flicked on the light...and there, sitting quietly with its angular fiberglass shell, sat a brand-freakin'-new Cadillac CTS. I imagine it's 2004, as well, for those of you interested. My hairbrush suddenly found itself clattering to the floor by my feet.

It turns out Dad decided not to opt for a Toyota Matrix, because he thought "they were too small". Personally...I would have liked to have one of those, because of their versatility. And for crying out loud, people...who wouldn't want to have a car that encourages you to spill stuff on the seats, put your mudded-up bike in the back, and do a variety of other unkempt tasks in it?! So~...you folks will likely be hearing of the (mis-)adventures I'll be having with that car, as well as the "OnStar" that was installed in it, also.

And I think I'll get going soon. But...just one quick thought from me: I found it really confusing when Dad kept saying "the Matrix car". You see, "car A" is the Cadillac CTS. For those of you who don't know or haven't seen the movie, this was the car they drove with the "freeway scene" in "Matrix Reloaded", and was ripped to shreds (agh, quite literally...). Now..."car B" is the Toyota Matrix...which is basically a dynamic box on wheels in which you can do a lot of cool stuff...like spill your Mountain Dew in it on just about anything, and not have to worry about it staining things. Since October, he has been teeter-tottering in his mind on which car to get...but he kept saying "Matrix car"...and last I heard, he was planning on going with "car B". So when I heard last week he was going to get a "Matrix car", I thought he'd get that Toyota one...but instead got a Cadillac. This sounds like a soap opera with cars now, doesn't it...?

In other news, peeps own you. The end.
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