Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Okay, who moved the time?

Well, I'm currently writing this at 6 in the morning in the early hours of Monday. Last night I was tired and fell asleep early, and was surprised to find myself waking up about an hour ago, and not falling back to sleep. I remember I was having an odd dream where Mom actually was able to walk around, and her and I were shopping at K-mart, and for some reason I was able to jump around through there like those people in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"....

Anyways, this past weekend was pretty nice. On Friday we got the pirctures back from vacation, and a lot of them turned out pretty well. I was hoping that Dad would have gotten them put onto a photo CD, but unfortunately that was not the case. I'm hoping to find somebody nearby with a scanner who might let me use it, so I could get these things online. The pictures I took of the Grand Canyon came out great, and I still like my sunset photos there.... We also got plenty of shots of the town, and though I didn't get Siegfried and Roy's autograph like I told people I was going to do, I think I came out nice enough, nonetheless.

Friday night Darrell stopped over, and we headed out to Inman's. It was pretty nice getting to go up there again, and we got to meet some more interesting people. I wore my gold shirt out, just because I figured that it had remained in my closet for long enough, and meanwhile my parents thought about disowning me. While there, I finally passed that song on DDR I've been trying so hard to pass these past few months: "Can't Stop Falling in Love, Speed Mix". For those of you out there not into or familiar with DDR, this is a very fast-paced and exhausting song, making you move pretty quickly non-stop throughout the whole song. It's rated as one of the hardest songs the game has...and I finally passed it...and needed a break afterwards....

Saturday was okay. It was the first day I had had off ever since I returned from Las Vegas. That day...I slept in. I missed most of the day because of it, actually, finding myself waking up at 3 or so in the afternoon. I normally hate waking up so, so late, but I had been exhausted. During the day, I found a watch in my room I'd never noticed before, and, having been in need of one for actually some time now, I slipped it on, corrected the time, and went on my merry way. I stayed around the house for awhile, then at 7 departed to go help Shaun with his radio show. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but if you're online on Saturdays at 7 p.m., Central, go to here, and you'll be able to listen to our ("psychotic"?) radio show.. This week Shaun showcased some cover songs he had found, as well as attempted "Millionaire", with me calling him Philbin, and yelling a lot I hated the questions. They were all British in origin! How am I supposed to know what a dish of lettuce and potatoes is called?!

Yesterday, Sunday, was...interesting. Nothing bad, per se, happened...but here you go. I woke up at 10, but was still tired, having not been able to fall asleep the previous night. I passed out, and after almost an hour of my alarms going off, I woke up again at 11, and realized I was late for church. I got there about noon, just when they were finishing up. I thought it was odd they were stopping, because usually service starts at noon. I guess Dillon decided to go back to his schedule of one hour earlier. I talked to him and some of the folks there, attempting at finding awkward conversation with some of the people I didn't know, then left.

Like I'd mentioned in my last entry, Justni had invited me to an "anime club" thing that's held every Sunday. I found the place okay, met up with Justin, and joined some seven or so other people watching anime in a 40-something mom anime fan's basement. The crowd there was okay...most were actually a lot older than I first had been expecting the crowd to be. I don't want this to give anybody the wrong impression, but I also found it surprising when I saw a large black guy over there (I hadn't met a black anime fan in-person, ever...). Most of the stuff they showed, though, were series I'd never taken much interest in, and were mostly in the middle, so I had just about no idea what was going on. Some guy with a mustache and long hair helped me out, though...nice fellow.

I was a bit taken off when they decided to stop an hour early...but that's when somebody mentioned about moving the clocks ahead. While I had thought it a certain time, apparently my watch was giving the time the way it had been an hour ago. I thought my computer's clock had been wrong, suddenly jumping an hour ahead like that, and I hadn't been home the entire day.... G'ahh, it bugs me when there's a big announcement, but I'm one of the few, few people who didn't hear it...that happened to me a bunch in school, actually.

So, at 6:45 in the morning (because it is 6:45 and not 5:45, like I had been previously led to believe), I'm going to be ending this entry, and in not long, my parents will wake up, I'll be able to take a shower, I can have breakfast (yay! :D ), and at 9:30 I'm to be in at work. Take care. :)
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