Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

That time of the year for them to come out

On Easter night, I came home after out running around, seeing a few people. When I pulled around the corner onto my street, suddenly I saw a couple large trucks right in front of my house with flashing lights. My heartbeat suddenly picked up, praying that nothing bad had happened, and that my parents were all right, with the memory of Weird Al's parents still fresh in my memory. As I got closer, though, it turned out they were Nipsco and Comcast trucks.... As it was, a teen lost control of his Camaro, careened around the corner, and slammed right into the cable and power boxes in front of our place. The power was out for our entire half of the street, as well as the rest of our block.

Lately, what with the change of seasons and the weather actually becoming warmer, I've noticed a lot of things beginning to change. Things have been coming out, people have been changing, events have been going on...I don't know if it's just that I didn't notice these things before or something, but I just notice things that weren't there three months ago.

Beggars have been showing up around Portage, always holding a cardboard sign writing in as few words as possible their current needy state, for all the world to see. With the snow gone, bright yellow cars have been making their appearances upon the asphalt. Normally they're nice, sleek, and expensive types of cars, all of them clean, spotless, and shiny...and for some reason, people deem that a bright yellow like a life jacket would be the best color for them...and I still think they do look somewhat...ugly. The weather has been getting nicer, and lately birds have been showing up. Giant flocks of birds. Flocks that go into trees and become almost like second leaves to all the branches, every one of them singing and making a ruckus. Seagulls have begun showing up at Pizza Hut a whole lot more--there's always a guarantee there's at least a couple of them are hanging around someplace on the property, whether on top of a light pole, on the shed roof, or gliding around idly on the wind and generally just staying nowhere in mid-air.

I've noticed changes in people as well. A lot of people I know have been becoming introspective and looking at their life, questioning things, wondering when things will happen, and what it's all about. Also, they've been feelinga tad lonely, whether because there aren't many around for them to hang out with, or also for possible lack of girlfriend. I myself have been trying to stay away from that, being that somehow I "cured" myself (check some entries before Valentine's Day for further details). Also, I've noticed while on the road that people have become more openly angry. I've felt bad, lately, because my back left turn signal burnt out, as well as my front right headlight. The other day while making a left turn at an intersection, a much-larger-than-it-should-be truck flashed its lights at me then pulled around, yelling something like, "Hey! Nice turn signal!" which was quickly followed by insult and swearing. Also, I curtly honked my horn at somebody who was supposed to turn left at an intersection, being that the light was green and nobody was coming from the opposing direction. Then the passenger turned around, looking at me like he wanted to get out of the car right now and drill me into the ground. Also the customers I've been delivering to haven't been the friendliest as of late.... Is there anything out there I'm missing? =\

Anyways, with this nice weather, I've been trying to get out and enjoy it as much as I can. It's been pretty nice getting to drive with my window down for the first time in my job's history thus far. I really love this weather, and I do hope it stays that way. For crying out loud, it's April now! Spring started over a month ago, didn't it? I heard we're supposed to get a thunderstorm this Saturday...but eh, I like thunderstorms...as long as I'm not driving much in them....

Anyways, lately it seems that LiveJournal has decided to make its services free, instead of getting a code or anything from another person in order to start up. My old roommates have actually picked up journals, as well as a girl I know from IRC called "Break" and a guy named "Kouji". My pal Jenna is likely going to be starting one up soon...so that'll be pretty nice. So...yeah, hey to all the new LJ friends I've got. :)

Anyways, I have some errands to go out and run, so I'll be headed out. Hopefully my next entry will be more interesting...like talking about more than just the weather....
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