Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"I've got your nose, Mr. Anderson...and I'm going to keep it!"

I can't believe the wind outside. Ever since this afternoon the wind has been blowing about the strongest I've ever seen it, without it being a storm. The traffic lights were swinging so much that you couldn't see what color they were at times during the day time, and tonight I was awakened by the sound of our roof creaking horribly and the plants outside rustling around, especially the tree out front.

Anyways, I haven't updated this much, but I suppose that's to be expected. There actually hasn't been too much to write about from my life, as of late, so there isn't too much for me to talk about. I've been delivering pizzas okay. Easter was nice--I got to see my cousins and aunt and uncle again. There were moments of awkward silence, and I actually didn't say too much, but that usually happens anyways. They're pretty nice folks, though, and I'm glad I got to see them for some time. I remember last year I went to their house, but I was a little late. Aunt Bev didn't care, though, and she gave me what they had, and she and I talked for a little while, and I forgot if Uncle Danny was there or not.... I think she gave me some leftovers to take home too. She makes great ham. :D

Anyways, my...left turn signal is still out, and I'm still using hand signals to turn left...but it's okay. Every time I signal left, though, the signal is to stick your arm straight out to the left, and that makes me nervous each time. When I was as young as I could remember, Mom told me not to stick any part of me out the window, lest it could hit something and be ripped off/maimed/broke/injured in some fashion. Now I'm doing that on a regular basis...but on the other hand, cars normally don't drive three feet away from my car when heading in the opposite direction, do they...?

Ah yes. Also recently I've come down with a sore throat. This morning I woke up for church, but found my throat hurting something fierce, with phlegm and everything (yay! graphic!). I could barely even talk at church...and that's a problem when you're standing outside trying to say something to Dillon, and then a train goes by.... >_<

Anyways, I'll wrap this up, but just something real quick. A fellow I know named Adam has been going through a whole lot lately, and is living on his own, working at Bob Evan's non-stop, not having much anybody to support him...and the other day his brother was in a real bad car wreck. He's basically the only family he's got right now, and last I heard he hadn't woke up yet, so...for any of you out there who do so, please pray for him.

And I'll end this entry here. Yup!

Edit: I demand that you go here, and watch the movies! Especially the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and "Kerrigan and the Frog" one! ...yo!
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