Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Reminders of death and life

Hey again, folks. I suppose I'll start out this entry with something that might interest some of you. The other night I had a dream that involved some LJ friends.... I forget exactly why, but I was talking to Astrosnik, then later on was at the post office at what seemed like Christmas time with my friend since middle school Katie. ...and that was it. My dreams are boring, I know, but I thought I'd let you mentioned folks know about that anyways. =)

Anyways, lately there has been a lot of serious stuff happening in other folks' lives that I've seen. I believe it started with my pal Adam's brother being in that really bad accident. After that, my pal Stephanie injured her foot pretty badly...and we weren't able to see "the Punisher", like we had been hoping.

Memories have been coming to mind lately about an old neighbor we had down the street at our old house--the "Austin" family. Not long ago, right before we were about to leave for our vacation to Vegas, the husband died of a heart attack while at work. The only thing was that I think he was only in his 40's...and while he apparently has had a bad heart for some time, he was somebody who I honestly never expected to hear about dying. It really was pretty sad...I don't think anybody knew his time was soon.... I remember he was always a great guy, was always friendly, and while I actually didn't talk to the man a lot in my life...I just always remember him as being a great fellow.

The other day while out on a delivery, I went to an eldery couple's house, and a lady answered the door, accompanied with her dog's deafening barking. We yelled to each other the transaction, and when that was finished and she had her pizza, I mentioned that her dog seemed pretty protective. "Oh he is.... He'll bark at people across the street. Some say we should get one of those signs...but we don't think we need one. Everybody can hear that we have a dog on their own. ...ohh, once I had a stroke in the middle of the night, and he knew something was wrong. He barked until my husband woke up, and called 911. If he hadn't called then...the ambulance might not have got here on time. That dog saved my life." she recalled with a gentle smile.

Tonight wasn't too bad. The weather was nice out, but it was misting outside as I left. I didn't know how drastically the weather would change later. The weather men had been promising a storm or showers for a few days now, and it wasn't till today it finally happened. As the sky darkened as night set in, the rain became steadier and the black sky flashed to white as lightning struck. On the radio I was listening to a talk radio discussion on 90.1 WMBI, as it started getting constantly interrupted with weather reports and warnings. A tornado was going through the Cook and Lake County areas, and at the time, there were already pages documenting all the destruction that was occurring. A tornado rarely happens around here, because we're so close to Lake Michigan...but there was one tearing through an area I might not know entirely well, but still knew.

I was worried about the people over there who I knew, plus the rest of the general population of the people over there. I can only pray that nobody was killed.... I was relieved when I came back home to have received a message from Nick, wondering if I was around. Plus a girl from that anime club I mentioned before had messaged me. I don't know the extent of the damage from the tornado, nor do I know what areas it went through. A few years ago a tornado was in the Lake County area in Merrillville, and had torn off a side of the Kohl's building there. Other than that, there wasn't too much. I...don't know what happened tonight....

Tomorrow I have the day off. I've got a lot of things I need to take care of then.... Anyways, I suppose I'll end this entry on a lighter note. After I got done talking to the lady about her dog and was returning to my car...another thing that's ushered in with warm weather was passing by--an icecream truck! Blaring "Frere Jaqa" (...that...one French song; sorry about butchering the spelling...) at top volume and idly going by as children poked their heads out and asked their parents for money...I couldn't help but toss the pizza pouch on top of my car and walk up to the side to ask for a fudge bar. Last I had anything like that was when I was still at the apartment, while it was summer outside. Then, heading to my next delivery, I happily ate bite-by-bite Mickey Mouse's head on that popsicle stick, quite content. It's the simple things of life, isn't it...?
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