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Our world is doomed! Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?

Today's been very mundane for me...even for me. I woke up after 1 after crashing the previous night actually pretty early. It sort of shocked me that I got over 9 hours of sleep last night...but even then, somehow, I felt extremely tired. And not just sleepy tired either, but rather fatigued, and not able to move much. Maybe I'm getting sick and don't know it...? What gives?

Anyways, my day actually "started" at 6, when I left the house. I picked up some re-writeable CD's (yay!). I also picked up some DVD-ROMs so that a cra--I mean, anime dealer can supply me with some different series out there. But while standing in line at the check-out counter...I looked at the selection of reading material above the small display of gum and other breath-purposed sweets, I saw small and large magazines, tabloids, and other such items, and I looked at them and read the articles listed on the outside.

In the soap opera mini magazines, I saw some girl says "I love you" to some guy, somebody has a secret in their basement, some guy returns, and other junk like that. Celebrity magazines wanted to tell me who the 50 "most beautiful people" were out there, what they did to give themselves facelifts, and also how Britney Spears stole a guy from some older lady. TV Guide wanted to let me know about its crossword puzzles, what new cooking shows were coming on, and other trivial media matters. The tabloids wanted to tell me about O.J. Simpson, Ray Charles, and I think Jean Benet Ramsey was mentioned as well. And after looking at it all, a thought came to my mind that always came to mind after seeing such matters:


In all the things of my life, in all I do, in all the things that matter to me, the things that make my life better, the things that enrich my life, make me smile, and help those around me...do I honestly need to know about Britney Spears's dating habits? Do I want to know what's going on in the life of somebody, a normal human being with a brain, heart, and blood like mine...just because they're a celebrity?! Geez, was there honestly ever a time where "celebrity" was used to describe a person whom everybody "celebrated", instead of turning to use it to describe people like Monica Lewinsky?! What's going to be coming on tv doesn't enrich my life, nor does hearing trashy gossip that does nothing but disgust one half of the population and lie to the other. Plus, the "50 most beautiful people" aren't even the 50 most beautiful people! They're the 50 "most beautiful" (as far as that freakin' magazine is concerned) celebrities. This is why I don't even really want to become a famous celebrity...ever.... That way I won't become a character whose image is plastered everywhere, I'm talked about and dissected only on a cosmetic level, and who I reall am is only ignored, and what movies/books/whatever it is I did becomes the only means and standard to which I'm judged. I really feel bad for Orlando Bloom. :/

On the way out to Hammond, amidst the hard pouring rain, advertisements for movies like "The Alamo" were on signboards along the way. While this honestly isn't bad, I can't help but remember when I visit the city, and advertisements for the latest big-budget films are posted...everywhere. While word gets out about something through tv commercials, movie previews, articles here and there, and even the internet...do I honestly need to see "The Hulk" plastered against every bus that goes by, "Grand Theft Auto 3" in giant posters on the subway, and the newest movie on a poster that literally covers the side of an entire building?!

With internet celebrities, like webcomic authors like Scott Kurtz, Tycho and Gabe, Ian J. (hi!), and Greg Dean, I imagine it can even be worse, being that they're online, and thus the entire world is able to access them. Anybody, if they aren't careful, can be reachable by anybody. My name, "NeoMikey", has only been used by me, from what I've seen. I did a Google search for my name, and came up with a few odd pages, including making comments about JeffreyAtW's comic, a post from a couple forums here and there, and also some profile pages from some different websites. The point is that if anybody were to do their research and not even look that far, just by the word "NeoMikey", I can be found by anybody.

This is starting to make me wonder now, since recently the music videos I've finished in the past have recently received the artwork to put at the end, and they've now been made public domain--files to be traded through the file-sharing networks. Already I've apparently gotten a "fan girl"; at amv.org, a girl posted an opinion about my Samurai Pizza Cats video, claiming it to be one of the best things she'd seen, gave it extremely high marks, and put it at the top of her favorite videos list. I'm just wondering if I'm on the road to internet semi-celebrity-hood, and if I am, if I could possibly somehow get off that road, so I hopefully won't have people putting me on a pedestal, thinking me to be the best thing to anime music videos ever since "Tainted Donuts". Of course, I'm probably worrying about nothing, and really am thinking myself to be more than I actually am. All I'm doing is making music videos for people in hopes that they'll enjoy them.

Ahh, in all honesty, I'm not sure where I even was going with this post. I just wanted to rant about how disgusted I am with the media and its obsession with tv, celebrities, and the breast sizes of the newest pop singers. I don't even get why they make these things. I don't even know who'd want to know about this stuff. I don't know anybody who obsesses about all this. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I'm not able to integrate well with the rest of the populace: I just don't care about mass media or obsess over tv shows, movies, or the next big thing that will be "coming this fall", and everybody else out there is. G'ahh....

But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in seeing "Spiderman 2" when it comes out! ^_^
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