Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

What is love?

(baby don't hurt me)

Well, today hasn't been anything exciting...unfortunately once again. This morning Justin wanted me to go hang out with him a bit, and I had my alarm set for 11...but next thing I knew I was waking up when it was almost 2 in the afternoon. Dangit.... >_<

Anyways, as it turned out, the payment that was supposed to be sent to Josh for his Midshift comic, which every single one of you should go check out right now actually wasn't sent out, so I planned to stop by the post office today...but then I realized I had to work. Dagcruddit. >_< (Monday it'll be sent out, Josh)

Work was okay. I went. I worked. I had my windshield wiper fixed. Now when it rains, one of them won't scrape across my windshield with bare metal, and make a horrible "scree-ee-eek!" noise. My suspension has been acting weird...or maybe its my tires...but in any case, my car has been doing horribly with turns, with the backside sliding sometimes, threatening to go into a fishtail. Also, my favorite radio station, 89.7, Shine.fm is just about being blocked out by a new local radio station, 89.5. It's really bad when you're listening to the music...then some static starts to come in...then you can hear a staticcy blues trumpet coming in...then next thing you know, some annoying jazz tune with a clanking piano is blasting in through your speakers, completely blocking out whatever music it was that I was listening to. Geesh, of all the frequencies this freakin' station could have chose, it had to be the one where they broadcast over really awesome music! >_<

Anyways, last night I was watching through some of the music videos that I saved onto here ever since I got this new harddrive back in January. (my apologies about the next sentence go to out to those who have no clue whatsoever about anime) I watched through a Lunar music video, with music from Dido ("Here With Me"), Ah Megamisama with music from Faye Wong ("Melodies of Life"), Gundam Wing to Three Doors Down ("Kryptonite"), some different animes to Moulin Rouge's "Elephant Love Medley", and even my own Interstella 5555 video to Bonnie Tyler ("Holding Out For a Hero"). I then started wondering to myself...exactly what is love like? The many, many movies, tv shows, and even video games I've seen in my life tell me that what it's about is meeting a girl, doesn't matter who, why, or when...but you hang out with her a bit, then during that time, some sort of feelings develop for said person, and by the end you have the obligatory stage kiss...or even some sex scene, if the director doesn't have much taste. Geez, I could name off plenty of titles out there that do this...but for the sake of time (I'm trying, Biccy!), I'll just say "Titanic", and leave it at that.

I've just been beginning to wonder if how love, or at least some semblace of it thereof, is like this. I remember back in 5th grade playing "Lunar, the Silver Star" for the first time, and this was the first game ever to have an involving love story that went along with it. During my time playing this, this is exactly when I started to become attracted to members of the fairer sex, and my mind filled with visions of picking up a sword and going out to fight evil and save the world, all while fighting to get back to a girl who loved me (the girl in mind I had at the time, though I never told a single soul, was somebody by the name of Emily Boyd). Unfortunately, even since then, I've never once met a monster to fight, nor any heinous plots that involve the destruction of the world.

I'd just like to quickly point out that I'm not lonely right now. I'm perfectly fine from those periods of lonesomeness I wrote so much about in the past (I can hear that sigh of relief you just let out...). It's just that I can't help but be curious about what exactly love is like. On the radio, even on Christian music stations, you hear songs about relationships and love. Sixpence None the Richer sang "Kiss Me", Natalie Dillon sang "Beautiful", and there's some others which I can't currently recall. Love, I personally'd think, is the number one most sung about topic of all the songs out there. Such an emotion that stirs people inside, one that makes them feel funny, "love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love!"

"Oh please don't start that...."

"All you need is love!"

"A girl has got to eat."

"All you need is love!"

"She'll end up on the streets!"

"All you need is lo~ve!"

"...love is just a game...."

No, folks, I haven't seen Moulin Rouge...just the beginning while I was still living with my roommates, but what I did see made me think. In the beginning, Ewan McGregor goes out to write a great love story, one that could be sung throughout the ages, when he then suddenly realizes as soon as he's about to start..."I've never been in love!"

The movie goes on that he meets up with Nicole Kidman, he develops a crush for her, he sings for her, she returns his feelings, and by the end of the movie, I'm sure they end up together to live the rest of their lives out happily ever after, blah, blah, blah, you folks probably saw the movie already. But I just can't help but wonder if some time I'll meet up with a girl, and in not too long of a time, we'll fall madly in love (genuine "love"...not talking about lust here) with each other (possibly in the expanse of 90 minutes too!), and we'll start our lives out from there...or if it's rather what I've heard from more reliable sources, and love takes time to develop and that's it not that easy. I mean, the Dixie Chicks even said it when they told the world, "My mama said you can't hurry love...no~ you just have to wait! She said, 'Love don't come easy! It's a game of give and take!"

So until the day I find this mystery of the universe out, I'll have to remain in the dark, still wondering. But...in the event that I do find out what the key to relationships is...I'll be sure to let all of you know. :)

Anyways, speaking of love, like I mentioned in that "Mikey-kun" entry, the English language is so constricting in its terms, that "love" can take on a bunch of different meanings. I'd like to mention on different terms, though...that I like to think of my life as full of love! Deeply seated feelings of care, affection, and endearment for people...in a completely heterosexual type fashion. I know God loves me. He can't help but to because of who He is, y'know? I love Him back too! And in the same way...hey, I kinda love all of you people reading this too. Every single one of you, the 30+ folks who have friended me, and even those without LiveJournals that still read this...you all are awesome. You're all my friends...and I thank you for that. I care about what happens in each and every one of your lives, the sorrows and trials you face, as well as your moments of joy and happiness, your friends, your problems, your ponderings over life's events--everything! Every person I've ever met has had some redeeming qualities about them, and those who I have come to know throughout my life, from friends I knew in school to random people I've met to people I've met on the internet, I've come to know better, and I've come to care more about you folks for more than the fact that you're a human being and deserve respect and care.

So, for all my homies out there reading this, I'd just like you all to know...'ey, I love ya people. :)
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