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A dude I know says "warble". Ever heard of something called a "degu"?

Those are little rodents that socialize and "warble", apparently. And they're rare. That's why you've never heard of them.

Gosh, as I write this, it's 4:17 in the morning, and I'm only going on spotted sleep right now, meaning that I didn't sleep last night, and today I only dozed off here and there. I don't even know collectively how long I slept...maybe it was like an hour or two, I'm not entirely sure myself, actually.

But still, I'm tired...and my sleeping patterns are getting thrown off lately. I think it was since last week that I've been having these odd hours of getting back from work, then staying up late, like until the sun comes up, then possibly go out to grab a donut (though lately I have had no gas or money for such a thing), then I would go accidentally pass out until like 5 or so.

Ugh, it's at times like these I wished I had somebody that would wake me up.

Oh! Speaking of which, Ryan's been doing that latetly. And I honestly don't mind. He wakes me up a little bit after 5 o'clock has come around, if I'm asleep at that time, and asks if I could give him a ride to work. If I'm asleep, usually I'm in the chair or on the floor wound up in that blue fabric of a blanket that more reminds me of that "posturepedic" bed foam type matierial...stuff. There is still stuff on my bed from when we cleaned the apartment past Saturday; I just haven't been around much during the days since; otherwise I likely would have taken the items off...though I don't mind the floor. I honestly can sleep anywhere. Back at my old, old house, I had a stint where for a few months I couldn't sleep anywhere but my floor. Interesting, mm?

In other news, I hate pop-up ads. They're dumb. Disgusting, too. Especially the ones that my computer has contracted. I officially dub my computer "sick" because of them. It's because of "adware", which is programs or editing of source code or something like that to stuff on my computer, causing them to appear whenever they feel like it, apparently, suddenly causing a window to pop up onto the computer screen, advertising whatever it is that they advertise.

And might I tell you folks that this is definitely not the way to advertise. If anything, it's just plain downright annoying. It makes people click the "x" in the upper right-hand corner, closing the window when it appears. What, are people supposed to see an advertisement for real estate prices, and go "wow, that sounds great! This window popped up from nowhere telling me it has real estate prices! I'll click it and find out what it is!" ...if somebody honestly wanted to find the prices of something, or try to viagra (I get way, way too many of those ads...grumble and such), wouldn't the person go out and do it?

This method of advertising reminds me of something I'd seen before, where some guy, male, I'm assuming, went to as many public restrooms as he could writing "Romans 10:9" wherever most visible. I've seen other "religious" graffiti before too, but this act was most prominent. Like pop-up ads, I can see the reason behind it. If people don't want to look at your advertisements, then you'll be sure that they can definitely see them...even if you need to just about literally put it right there into their face. But, in doing so, if the person wasn't interested in the first place, what would cause them to be right then and there, seeing it? It's possible that the person might have been curious about whatever subject it is that was posted, and, seeing such subject, might actually partake of the chance given right then and there, and go check it out. This isn't guaranteed to happen, though; in fact, I think it might be a quite small percentage. If they weren't interested, some might merely dismiss it, possibly find it annoying to whatever degree, or even possibly outright taking offense by the act.

This goes to lend another lesson in marketing and advertising. For one, make sure your product is something actually worthwhile and not second-rate, and make sure people know about it in a medium in which is both convenient and agreeable for both you and the potential customer, and not be running at them and then plastering an advertisement to their forehead and yelling at them to buy your product. Agreeable advertisement and not the shady/annoying kind has the customer give you a tone of respect, even if not a sale. That is still worth something in of itself, valuable on its own and potentially quite valuable for later.

And don't write on bathroom walls. No. Don't.

...what was I originally talking about? Oh yeah, I might be reformatting my computer soon. Ryan and Fallon both have suggested doing such to my computer, because nothing's taking care of it. Not any ad-/spyware wiping software I've found has taken care of the problem completely. Just wiping the slate clean might be the best way. Man...if I do that, it would take some time getting things back the way they used to.

That reminds me of the last time I did that. I was asked to back up whatever I wanted to save, and I found that all the things on my computer, when down to it, were merely "things" to me, except those things which I personally created. My stories. Those were what I wanted to save from the calamity of formatting. Just an interesting thought that occurred to me....

Anyways, in other news, I'm feeling mellow tonight. It's probably the tiredness...but it's more than that as well. I've been reading a friend's journal, and she's still going through a lot. I never realized all that she was going through with her family until I read this one post, detailing one night with her and her mom, and her bed-ridden dad. I had read plenty of other posts about this subject, but this just one seemed to finally put it in perspective and take it home. I feel for the girl.... Please pray for her, okay? I know I've said it before, but it's just...her family needs prayer. Everyone involved there needs prayer.

Oh yeah, and I mentioned this before in one of my unfortunately deleted posts, courtesy of Little Ed's paw and the electrical switch. There's a woman at our church named Collett who has cancer, or some like disease, and she's thankfully well enough to still maneuver herself and make it to church in a wheelchair and everything, but she's still encountering problems, like last week she needed to be rushed to the hospital for dialysis when her blood stopped pumping properly. So please...pray for Collett and her family too.

And speaking of church, Dillon has been doing his painting job a lot. I don't know what's been going on with him, except that he's still doing it. I've tried talking to him on the phone, but I've just received the electonic crackling recording of Dillon on his answering machine about every time. I still want to treat him to that Chinese buffet. I like buffets; that is my favorite food. :(

I've been wanting to get into writing. Like, seriously (written in a non-valley girl fashion). It started with a friend at work, Tom, and I suddenly finding out that we both enjoy a program called "rpgmaker2000". In this, you basically create your own video game rpg games. Our conversation went like this, basically:

Tom: "Oh, I don't have any games, actually. I just can't get a story down. If I were to make a game that went for a half-hour, it would be you traveling from point A...to point B...then to point C...and, if I wanted it longer, maybe point D too."
Mikey: "Heh, my problem is that I have too much story and too little programming know-how. ...well, I mean, it isn't that I don't know how to program it; it's just that I want to get on with the story without taking the time to actually program it in."
Tom and Mikey: "Heyyyy...."
Lightbulb: "Click."

We got the idea to possibly make a game, the both of us working on it, possibly getting others into it. So we could actually like make a -real- game...like with deep story, fun gameplay, that sort of thing.

To find inspiration for the story, I went to some place that has constant story: chatrooms that do constant role-playing. But from there, after sketching out the beginning of the story on notepad, I thought to myself it seemed a bit drawn-out doing it that way--why not just type it like a regular story?

That's where ideas on how to write parts started coming to me for the story...then ideas that wouldn't fit there, but maybe in another story came to mind as well...then it hit me maybe I should sit down and start writing. In sitting down and doing honest thinking, I've found somewhat to my surprise in that, where people have a gift for something, be it talent on a certain subject or a variety of them, people have talent. I've found my talent is writing, because apparently I can be creative (...I hope) with words and have a lot to say (could you tell?). And I have a pretty active imagination.

I wrote Ryan and Fallon a story for an Easter present, chronicling the end to an rpg that they ran. I'd like to post a link some day on here when and if I get webspace. It tells about a king and queen, a knight, and some guy with bombs fighting off a madman with ultimate power in a mountain sanctuary. It sounds simple...maybe even too simple...but there was a lot included in there to tie up loose ends from the story, and there was more happening than just that.

...and the guy with bombs is my character. His name is Isaac. He's actually the inspiration for a story I'm currently working on right now with my friend Sarah, and hopefully more will join in as time progresses. I hope to take the story and maybe put it into novelette format. And I hope to make it into Tom and my game. And I hope to keep writing...and become fast at it, so I can write a lot without taking a lot of time. Erin, how in the world do you write so much like that every day...?

Wow, it's 5:02 now, with a punk, instrumental version of "Amazing Grace", played courtesy of the Dropkick Murphys was just playing. I'd ask you download it or hear it, but the Recording Industry Association of America would frown at that. You have to go with the law...though personally I think that--or at least hope that--musicians nowadays would make music for the sake of music, instead of doing it for the "almighty dollar", only hoping to profit from their music instead of trying to produce art or even get an idea across. Are they just merely taking advantage of it all? I don't know the whole story myself, but I think that just might be it. I sigh at the thought. *sigh....

Ryan just got up for work a few minutes ago. I can hear him messing around with the toilet in our bathroom. That thing refuses to flush. Agh, it's getting pretty disgusting in there...been like this for a few days. Why won't Fallon just let us use hers? I'd compare the toilet to Hitler, but that would bear plenty of negative connotations.

Oh yeah, Bo's pawing at my door. I think he wants out. Or he's telling me to end this entry. I think I'll think he means the second thing I said. Yawn. 'Nite, folks.
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