Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I did a lot today. I started late, but still, things were able to get done...except the buffet. I didn't get to go to Super Buffet! :(

Anyways, I'm tired, so I'll write little. I've landed some unexpected friends recently. I met up with a fellow named Joe/"JSB", a supposed local DDR legend (yes, folks, the guy's awesome! :D ) at the Price household the other night, and while I've talked to him before, it was nice to get to hang out and chill a little. Also tonight, I ran into Sam Price's girlfriend, Fini, who was awesome, like always. She always manages to cheer up everybody's day, and always has a constantly ub3r cheerful demeanor about her. She went to A-cen up in Rosemont when that was going on, and for those knowledgeable of this series, she dressed up like Edward from "Cowboy Bebop"...and was honestly the best one there. She really is a very true-to-life Edward. :)

Anyways, tonight, I left to come home rather late. On the way to my car, I noticed the grass was wet with midnight dew. I crouched down, feeling the tops of the grass with my hand until they were wet, at which point I wiped my face off, because it was hot inside the house. To soak up the moment, I then lied on the grass, feeling the back of my shirt, arms, and legs going damp, while the blades of grass stuck up around me, poking at and tickling me. I turned over, lying face-down, with my arms outstretched and my eyes closed, soaking the moment up, thinking of how nice it all felt. The night air was pleasant, while the dew that coated the grass felt cool against my skin. The scent of grass and earth was strong in my nostrils, and I could feel a slight chill as the back of my shirt clung to my skin and came in contact with the air. It all...felt great.

Driving home, though, I realized I probably made a mistake, as my arms itched, and I had to keep smacking mosquitos a lot of the way home. D'oh...
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