Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"...when everything's made to be broken"

Well, my first post in awhile. Apparently some of you folks out there have been worried about me, but don't worry, I'm okay. A lot's happened since I last posted. The...funeral for my grandma was the Monday afterwards. Everybody didn't seem much moved by it, but meanwhile I remained quiet and solemn, even afterwards. Everybody congregated at my aunt's house for food--I remained isolated from everybody, which is quite normal at family gatherings, then left early without notice and went home.

Also I got to visit a friend up in Michigan. It was the first time I'd travelled to meet an online pal face-to-face; I thought it was quite well worth it. I travelled and met my friend Jenna at a free convention they were having up there, meaning that the Dan costume resurfaced (plus it was the only way she recognized me). I had a lot of fun up there, and it was great to finally meet somebody in-person who I always thought had a cool personality. If I get two days off in a row again, I hope to revisit up there.

Anyways, during this time, my car also...broke. The current state of it is unknown--it sometimes run, sometimes breaks on the side of the road...like yesterday! It stopped running, while being low on gas, but whether it was the engine or the gas, I'm not entirely sure. A kindly pastor and his wife stopped to offer help. I asked him if he was a psycho that was going to take me to the side of the road and kill me, and he said no (I wanted to make sure!).

My car's been under a lot of stress lately, though. Ever since I got back from Michigan, the engine had been having troubles. Our mechanic said it was something with the a misfire with #2 (whatever that might mean), so we replaced the wires for that. Still didn't work, though. On Saturday, I drove to Bourbanais, Illinois, for a concert, hosted by my fave radio station, 89.7, Shine.fm, called "Freedom Fest". It was great to go to, and I got to hear in-person a favorite rapper of mine, John Reuben. There were other groups there, like Plus One, Out of Eden, Grits, Sarah Kelly, and others, which I can't think of at the moment...but still, it was nice getting to take a little time out for myself, and see a (free) concert with great music. I was alone the entire time I was there...but I was expecting that anyhow (...but I did gather the courage to confront radio DJ "Johnny Rock" and shake his hand...!).

A lot of people I've known have been having problems lately. I found out through text messaging today (while in the middle of "Spiderman 2", which I thought coo') a friend of mine can't take her cat with her when she moves. The up-side, though, is that some day hopefully the cats can hopefully come back and they'll be reunited. Also, a great online friend of mine is really depressed with all that's going on in her life. I want to help her so much, but being that I'm on the internet, all I'm able to do is talk...but honestly, that can be exactly what people need at times.... Also, Nick (I've menitoned him before) recently had to have his appendix removed. I found that out yesterday while recuperating my dead car at a gas station. He wanted to get together on Indepedence Day to light off fireworks and maybe eat food. He had plenty of fireworks since last year, including a particular one named "The Neighbor Annoyer"....

Speaking of Fourth of July, last night Fallon invited me to go see fireworks over Lake Michigan with her and Magen. For any local people that read this...next Independence Day...go to Lake Michigan. Everybody brings their fireworks up to there to light them off, and even if you don't bring any at all yourself, you'll still see an awesome show. Aside from two literal brushes with misfired fireworks while there (we were ten feet or so from show, so that doesn't happen to everybody that goes there...), it honestly was a spectacular show I plan on repeating in the future. Afterrwards we went to Denny's where...we--they had "interesting" conversation. Also I gave a flower to Fallon and she put it in her hair (you looked pretty!! ^_^ ).

Anyways, I think I've covered everything, and I know I typed a lot, but I think I covered everything that happend over the past week or so.... Anyways, take care everybody.

Edit: Jenna says she got me lost up in Michigan, but I don't think it was quite "lost" as much as it was a big detour. =)
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