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Insomnia :(

Agh, these Tostitos are stale!! ...oh, heya. I write to you now at 2:20 in the a.m. in the early, early morn of Saturday, August 9th, in the year of our Lord 2003 A.D. Right now I'm still in this grease-smelling Wendy's outfit, because I haven't taken the effort to take it off...or...really have anything else to put on at the ready, actually. Little Edward is at the foot of my computer desk, playing with one of her favorite toys: a strip of plastic from some bag that has been discarded some time ago. Dang she loves that....

Anyways, I suppose I should inform you all on the goings-on over here. Last night/morning when I finished that post, I tried going to sleep. I was exhausted. I didn't feel well because of that. I was just about ready to conk out.

But I stayed awake. I lied there on the floor in my underwear comfortably concealed in the makeshift blanket cocoon, more comfortable than I had been for that entire day, but yet I stayed there awake. Not. Falling. Asleep.

"What gives?!" I yelled out in my head after a half-hour. I had set my alarm clock and everything, ready to give myself a few precious hours of sleep, wanting to recover from the entourage that was the previous day of near sleeplessness, but yet there I was completely conscious. Five in the morning, planning to wake up about 11...but that wasn't happening.

"Why can't I sleep?! Agghhhfhuioadmfhuiojaiodf,j" (random letters)

At about 7 I took off the shirt I'd tied around my eyes for artificial darkness, and looked over at the clock. Meanwhile, Fallon was already awake. She was in the living room playing the new rpg she got. It doesn't seem like she'd bought it too long ago, but when I asked how long she'd been playing, "40 hours". Geesh! It's something else that she hasn't finished the game already. But it is a pretty long game...mostly because of the constant, constant presence of random battles. Like more than others games I've seen.

Anyways, Fallon needed to go run some errands so she asked if I wanted to go along. Whoo hoo! Field trip!!

We went and dropped off some clothes of Goodwill, stopped by K-mart where I accidentally made a hanging sign go crooked (...eh heh....), stopped by her mom's place, took care of some mailing/ebay business, and that was that. We came back, I went onto the computer a little and to my own surprise, I felt like being creative, and started writing the first couple chapters to a story that had been sitting in my head. I haven't typed out a story ever since I made this one Easter present for teh roomies. But yet, there, I found myself clicking and clacking the keys, at first slowly, thinking how to start everything or word something, then eventually just letting it go. I might post them up here...if I ever actually get webspace...which I'm not too sure exactly where to get some. If you would, comment and tell me where to get some free webspace...um, that isn't geocities. Please?

Anyways, I got somewhat into the second chapter when I said to myself, "...you know...it's a bit after 12...not much else is going on...I think I might quickly lie down for a little bit." Psh, not like I would sleep or anything, oh no! Now that would just be silly!

...um, sure. That didn't work out as planned. I wasn't quite sure when I went unconscious, but I do remember waking up, suddenly finding it darker outside. Outside was painted with twilight blue. And the clock said to me via its red jumbo led numbers that the time was in fact 7:15. Like the evening kind.

I was already a half-hour late for work. Darn.

I called up, and the manager there thought I probably was taking a nap. He heard me talking about my lack of sleepage the previous day. I went in, and he was cool, saying "hey Mikey" (he's just about the only one there who actually calls me that). Everybody seemed in a normal mood. I, on the other hand, was in a somewhat surly mood, having just woken up after six approximate hours of sleep to a silent, rude awakening. But the night ended okay, because a coworker of mine was really cool, and when I was just asking for a dollar for gas, she gave me five, and told me to repay her. And that got me a quarter tank too! A whole freakin' quarter tank from "E"! Yes!! I should go fill up my car today...at least three-quarters of a tank should suffice. What was I saying before...?

And for my roommates, who knew I was to be at work by 6:45, them being my possibly last fail safe? They...were gone...some place. I still have no clue what became of them. They're gone and asleep for the night right now.

So insomnia, I conclude, makes one frown. In other news, I'm still hungry, but there lacks food readily available around here...being that ramen is basically my only choice for food right now...except these Tostitos...which, um...are now merely the tiny chips and fragments one finds at the bottom of the bag.

I don't feel like being creative in ending this post. :)
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