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Florida, 'kay

I've updated, but I know I'm still delayed...a bunch. But hey, it's better than it has been in the past, isn't it? Eh heh...heh heh...hehhhhhh.....

Anyways, the trip down to Florida went well. The long trip on the road took...a...long, long time. Two full days of driving. I'd chronicle the trip, but I think Fallon already did a nice job with that. A few personal observations from the trip--Kentucky seemed stereotypically Kentucky. The road we travelled through there in the brief couple of hours we were passing through, the road was lined with trees. It made me think of a lumberjack wearing red-plaid with fir greens in back of him...like the Brawny guy! About as soon as we entered Tennessee, suddenly the road dipped and swerved around, revealing us to be at a high elevation, though actually I still have no idea how we got up that high. I didn't like performing such actions late at night in eerie fog with moderate traffic and a road going most every imaginable direction, and also in an area quite devoid of most signs of civilization...like towns and buildings! This prompted me to let Fallon know when she awoke later, "We're in Tennessee. It has mountains. And sucks."

Unfortunately on the trip, I didn't get to see Kat, but I did get the chance to talk to her. She first called me at a bad time on the road, when I was distracted by the "radio" (portable stereo), plus with a semi trying to be friendly with our bumper. Coincidentally, though, she called as we were passing by the road exit to get to her city! I wish I could be better with talking on the phone, though.... -_-;

I got to go to the beach twice while down there (...or "one-and-a-half"; the beach we first stopped at was a tiny strip I don't think we were actually supposed to be at...but don't tell anybody, 'kay!). The big beach we stopped at, though, was "Clearwater", on the Gulf of Mexico side. The ocean...was beautiful. The water was clear...at least, moreso than Lake Michigan is. The sand was white and soft, plus did not get superheated by the sun to burn your feet. While down there, I was reminded so much of Miami Vice...but then again, it was filmed in Florida (...I'm a dummy, okay?). While swimming out to a "do not cross" buoy, though, I was joking with Florida about all the shark attacks that were happening in Florida in 2001's summer. I looked back towards the coast as we were swimming just in time to see a grey fin sticking out of the water.... My mind raced on what to do to avoid dying, but a moment later it rose out of the water...anad it was a dolphin! It disappeared under the water, and I didn't see it again.... Whoah....

"Flipper is overused.... I'll name him John!"
"Like 'Dead John'?"
"No! Dolphin John!"

I didn't get to go to a lot of fancy places while I was there, but that's okay. The atmosphere of Florida was quite enough for me. I was disappointed to see that Di$ney had sunk its claws into all things Florida, and advertising for all thing$ relating to it$ theme park$. I'd shake my fist at Walt Disney's grave for such an atrocity, but then again I have to remember it was never his intention to ever have his creation turned into a money-grubbing soulless cash cow. Poor Walt Disney. :(

I slept on the screened porch every night. I love the air in Florida, even at nighttime. It might be hot, but I like hot weather. I was awokened every morning by the sun and sounds of heavy machinery with people working in their yards, plus I had my own tv (with cable!). The only downside sleeping there I experienced was the mosquitos that snuck in then had a buffet as I slept. While at Fallon's aunt's for (a freaking awesome!!) dinner, she remarked my leg was bit so much, it looked like I was a leper....

My flight went okay, and now I'm back home. Thank you to everyone who got a hold of me on the (I hate this stupid--) cell phone. Sorry I didn't call you back, Katy. I mostly talked to people with text messaging, even all the way to New Zealand to internet stalker Sam. ;) Fallon called me a yuppie with how much I grew attached to my cell phone, but I kept telling her it wasn't about the phone calls, but about text messaging. It's like Instant Messenger...to go! (advertising agencies need me, I'm sure of it!)

Anyways, that's the review of my trip. Next time I'm in Florida...it's going to be to see all the people I know down there...and actually, I know a lot...! My old neighbors, the Metzlers', live down there. Sorry, Joel, I didn't tell you, but we didn't go near Orlando, plus we didn't have the needed expenses to stop by to say "what up". Well, I'm ending this entry. See ya!
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