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Anyways, now that I'm back from Florida, it's odd that I actually didn't get too much sun. Sure, my arms bronzed up, but the rest of me...didn't, actually. I visited Lake Michigan a couple days ago, and it was an odd shock for me from going from nice temperature Gulf of Mexico to making-me-shiver Lake Michigan. Plus the water didn't taste nice (I like the taste of salt water!). While there, though, my unlearned skin burnt, and now my entire back is red...and still somewhat sore (hot shower's hurt me!). Work was slightly above neutral to see me back. It surprised me while during a break, a girl told me she'd been asking where I was. She's a really nice girl, Latino blood...and she looks like Michael Jordan from Papa Murphy's sister (yes, the manager there is named Michael Jordan--and his sister works at Papa Murphy's and Pizza Hut). I feel really bad, though, because I don't know her name...either one of those girls.... I'm bad with names when people don't go by text.... -_-

The charger for my cell phone mysteriously disappeared while I was away. In Florida, I borrowed Fallon's. Here...it's vanished. My cell phone didn't get charged for a long while...and the phone chose the worst moment to cut out. I started checking my voicemail messages, because I can only do that from my cell phone, and I got a message from Steph. "Hey Mikey, calling to see if you're still in Florida...or maybe in prison! I read your online journal and--*beep* [battery is low; powering off phone]". Bahhh.....

I've been playing "musical schedules" with a lot of people at work lately. A driver called off work Tuesday, so I volunteered to stay after I got off my shift to close in her place. She then volunteered to take my Thursday (yay~! extra day off!). Also, James, a fellow who never hesitates to let me know how odd he thinks me, asked if I could work Saturday for him, then he'll cover my shift on Monday. What happened was he called in to a radio contest, and happened to win! Free tickets! To, ah...some...country singer...but still! Quite nice to win like that. I don't think I've ever heard about anybody I even remotely knew to actually win one of those! I'm hoping the people at work will think me dependable, and maybe the managers will stop looking down on me so much when they're angry. I'm doing my best there; I'd like to get an "A" for effort in this situation....

A lot of the time spent today dealt with music video business. Tomorrow, July 30 (techincally "today", but I'm not being technical...), is the deadline for entries into Anime Weekend Atlanta's "Pro" music video contest. I sent in my newest music video, Sanctus Real's cover of U2's "Beautiful Day" with FLCL footage. I finally perfected the video today, and hopefully by tomorrow (overnight shipping is expensive!!) a guy in Georgia will have that CD with my video on it. I finally have the needed version to upload to amv.org, but I need another computer that's not my own to upload it (just need a program my computer can't use). I'll do that tomorrow morning...then finally I can stop promising you certain awaiting folks it will be out "soon". Ayee...I've waited for this for awhile.... Next I'm doing Superchick's "Hero" to Evangelion.

(did the majority of my readers understand anything I said last paragraph...?)

Tonight Jessica called me up, telling me she had a Deep River Waterpark refund ticket, and she wanted to use it tomorrow, and me to go with her. It sounds fun...and I think I'll go. I...just...freaking wish that the waterpark wasn't so expensive. Sure, it's supposedly Indiana's "largest waterpark", but do they need to charge $14+ to get in? It'll be nice to hang out with Jessica, though.... She's a cheerful person to talk to. I'd like to hang out with her more...but like a lot of my friends, things usually take a backseat to me working, then having an aversion to talking to folks on the phone. Blagh.... -_-

Oh yes. I've been playing "Halo" on the X-box over at Nick's place recently. That...is a fun game. Also it's frustrating. Quite frustrating, if you're playing on Heroic (hard) or Legendary (impossible-mode-that-hates-you-and-kills-you-quite-hard-with-much-gusto). But there are little aspects to it which add to the gameplay experience as a whole. I've yet to see another game where you attach grenades to a Jeep-like truck, then they explode, and the entire Jeep speeds through the air, spinning like an acrobat from a car dealer, then getting blasted by the other grenade, launching it in a different direction or propelling it in its already current course, making for much tumbling fun. If you have two players, they could sit on both sides...and then, have you ever seen a tennis match played with a flipping Jeep? Entertainment!

Also, lately I've been given...anime. Lots of it. Fallon was clearing out her apartment of just about everything, and I happened to inherit her tapes and CD's containing all that's anime. Plus I picked up a little trinket that went with Playstation 2's "Lunar 2" release.... Also, the "anime dealer" I know was getting rid of CD's, and now I have the entire series of "Love Hina" and "Chobits". Both...are...extremely cute, lovey-dovey, and noteably well animated...but I think both do too much "fan service" to be healthy ("how many times will they be shown in the hotsprings?! sheesh!!")

Anyways, 'tis late, plus I know I've written much. Take care, folks. :)
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