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Past reflections

The other day, I found an old, old tape in my car I recorded years ago. People might be recording their mp3's to CD's, but because I have an old car like I do, I only have a tape player, and gave up long ago trying to hook up a CD player with some convoluted mess of wires. It was a surprise to me to find this tape, so I played it, and it brought back memories of the tape player in my first car: the busted-up blue mini-van. On this tape was a recording of one of Moby's older albums, "I Like to Score" (no perverted comments, please), and then on the flip side was the soundtrack to Sonic CD on the Sega CD. Hearing a couple songs on there brought back embarrassing memories of another tape I remembered recording, where I tried sounding like a DJ. Being a preadolescent and trying to be funny when you're far from it...makes me cringe. It's like artists looking at their work when they were first drawing--it just makes you flinch and say, "That...was bad...."

I've been running into my past a lot, lately. Today I was out in Valpo, and saw Darrell for a little bit. We visited by Shallow Grave, a CD/DVD/video tape trading post of sorts around here. While there, I saw a friend of mine named Ian who I hadn't seen...ever since I left Wendy's. I worked with him a lot over there, and he was always a cool guy, always being patient with me, even though I wasn't fast like other folks there were. He told me about Wendy's, and how a lot of people had left. He was working next-door to Wendy's at Bob Evans, and said things were going well there.

While out in Valpo, I also stopped at the first Wendy's I worked at, in hopes of seeing my old manager, Tina. The apartment I had lived in was actually her old place, and she was the one who had suggested it to us in the first place. I wanted to talk to her and tell her we left...but she was on leave, because she had a hysterectomy recently done. I hope she's going to be okay.

There was a lady working there whom I previously worked with, and I was shocked to see she fully recognized me. "Hi! Will this be for here or to go, Mikey?" Not many people at Wendy's called me Mikey...but she did.... Something that confused me, though, was that she was wearing two nametags, and one was in braille. Braille. I doubt customers would be feeling up Wendy's employees, and if they did, we'd have a problem. But...why...are there...braille nametags...?! o_O Anyways, I asked her about the manager who worked there and fired me before. She said she had gone on to another Wendy's, probably in Portage or someplace else. This brings up another disturbing fact to me: the manager who fired me during my time of distress at my first Wendy's job...may very well be working in the store right next to where I work! Ayeee, I do and don't want to see her again.... Don't get me wrong, I don't have any vengeful or bitter feelings toward her...but she was somebody who I never got along with. Then she fired me. When my life was at its lowest. Darnit.... :/

Anyways, the other day, my friend Bryan came over. I hadn't seen him for such a long time.... He's been doing well, and has been working at the hospital basically being a maintenance/physical labor person around there. They haven't hired him in as full time or made it official "he works there"...but I hope they do soon. He's a really great worker there. And when he was over here, he was showing me all that he had done with his beloved baby of a car, the black 2003 (I think) Ford Focus. He's got a nice car...and is a big driving guy too. I'm glad he hasn't changed much in the time I've known him; he has a pretty upbeat personality. He's coo'. :)

Later on tonight I plan on seeing "The Village". I'm looking forward to seeing it, and everybody I've heard from said it was great, even my mom said it was nice...except one. She said it was bad. With a vengeance. Black hole of bad. I hope it's not that bad for me. Now that I think about it, I think I've seen just about every one of M. Night Shyamalyamyananan (how do you spell that name?!)'s movies in the theaters. I don't think I've been disappointed yet...mm....

Anyways, my new music video finally debuted, and people like it, except they say the video quality needs much improvement. I did the best I could with what programs I had, plus the time I had when I finallized it...but people still complain about it. They like the video. Just not the technical aspects. But fie to that! Fie, I say!! I made this video as small as possible, so it could get traded around easier, so I could tell people to buy the album to help fight AIDS in Africa! (the album "In the Name of Love" is entirely U2 song covers, and it was made so that the proceeds from your purchase go towards helping Africa fight AIDS, so buy/order that CD if you like U2, please...?) I apparently even "inspired" a couple people, in different ways. Huh.

Anyways, I was just making a quick post, because I need to post more on here. Plus I need to be online more. I know I haven't been around much, for those that I usually talk to. I miss talking to my friends, like Biccy, Fallon, Justin, Jenna, etc. I'm usually quite tired at night, and have been tending lately to pass out early. Last night I fell asleep in this computer chair about 9, then woke up later, passed out in my bed, then didn't wake up till 12 noon exact. I don't know what's up with my sleep patterns...I haven't been fully rested in a long time....

Anyways, I'm ending this post now. Sorry if I posed a lot, like usual. Take care, folks. :)
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