Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Falls apart

"You suck, alarm!! Big time sucking for you!!"

My seven alarms stood, all their LED's and one traditional clock stood, each telling me emotionlessly the time was 10:07--I was already late for work. The only reason I had woken up, was because my dad knocked on the door, telling me that my uniform was hanging outside my door. The night before, I was in a hurry to fall asleep, and I only set one alarm clock. ...but then, it decided to not go off, though everything was set perfectly. I was ready and at work in mere minutes, arriving with sleep still in my eyes, which were covered by my sun goggles when I arrived. I thought I was all right at work, going along the normal morning duties as usual...until main manager Liz went by me, poking my arm briefly as she walked by. "You were late again."

"Again" wasn't used to say I'd been late many, many times before, but rather that about a week before, a similar situation had happened with that very...same...alarm clock, and I got there over ten minutes late. There were other situations where I'd been late during the day, but I always called ahead of time to clear things up...like when the car was in the shop, or when I was taken to the beach but the driver didn't realize what time it was. Maybe those times stuck out in main manager Liz's head as me slacking off, or some such, but I honestly try to be to work on time, every time. Why would I be late on purpose? This's my job. I shouldn't slack off!

Whatever the reason, she took me aside after I got off work to talk to me about this "recent problem". I talked to her and promised, promised, promised her that every time I had to be at work that early, I would be sure to set each and every one of my seven alarm clocks. I wouldn't be late again, and things would be okay. By the end of the conversation, though, she was trying to give me pointers on how to wake up in the morning. "Listen, Mike...wake up an hour early before you have to be here, get some breakfast, and you'll have a lot more energy. I see you over there chowing down on the leftover dessert pizza every day; you need more energy." The only motivation to get out of bed in the mornings to get to work, though, is the fact that if I stayed in bed any longer, than I would end up being late. Breakfast, being up, walking around, and conscious before I go to work--that doesn't do much for me....

"Be late again, and you're getting written up. Be late a time after that...you'll be out of a job."

"You're a nice guy, Mike. But you can't be late like this again." Those words rung in my head for the next few days. I wouldn't be late...I wouldn't be late.... Like Osaka-san from "Azumanga Daioh" said..."Shikari...shikari...shikari...", which translates to "get it together".

I honestly don't believe in signs at all, but a morning a couple days after, I was awakened by the sound of my cat Abby vomiting next to my bed. Upon waking up, I hoped the "urp'ing" noise I heard was just a bedspring, until I rolled over and saw her finally regurgitate onto my carpet. I grumbled, getting up, figuring it was time to wake up anyways. I didn't have to be at work for a couple more hours anyways, not until 4, so I could probably putz about online. I got in my cup-chair-thing at my computer and saw my cell phone resting where I left it the night before...now flashing a message on there I'd gotten a couple calls that afternoon.

One was Pizza Hut...telling me I was now an hour late.

It's not that I'd actually slept until five o'clock in the evening, but rather that I remembered my schedule wrong. I picked up the phone and dialed them about four times before I got the number right, my hand shaking so bad. Cool manager Heather answered the phone, and was non-chalant about everything. She took things level-headed, and simply told me to get to work. I arrived minutes later, as is my apparent hobby when I find myself already late, and she was even then level-headed and calm. I thought maybe things were okay...things would work out...until I heard a dreaded voice behind me some time later. "Hey Mike." I turned around. It was main manager Liz. "I apologize. I remembered my schedule wrong", I immediately confessed. "We need to talk after work."

The entire day I didn't smile. Not once. Not until hours later, after I'd finally left work. But that entire day was a drudge for me. I spoke quietly, and my eyes didn't meet anybody else's. Somebody that day at one point was ignorantly joking around, and told me I was fired, and I quietly asked him not to joke about that sort of thing. Finally the dreaded hour arrived, as I got off the clock. Liz yelled at me to hurry over to the booth where she was sitting. I quietly responded exactly what was on my mind: there shouldn't have been any reason for me to be late, it was my own irresponsibility that I didn't show up on time, and I was deeply, deeply sorry, and I'd make sure I'd get multiple copies of my schedule down, just for the sole purpose of never getting the wrong times again.

I got written up anyways, but at least she knew my heart.... -_-

The next couple days, I happened to have two days off in a row. It's not often that occurs to me, but they coincidentally happened to be right one after the other. During those days, I didn't do much. I saw "Alien Vs. Predator" on Wedneday, and thought it was an okay movie, though the plot wasn't the deepest ever, plus moved too, too quickly.... (they're all freaking dying!! Everywhere!! Plenty of nameless, one-shot characters that can be Predator/Alien fodder!! ...you know...like a mining team of which you don't see much, until a violent extraterrestrial type shows up, and then they appear on-screen just to be slaughtered not long after....)

Thursday I slept in...a lot. I wasn't conscious until the afternoon, since the previous night I'd been up late/early talking to Biccy. I wandered over to my computer, which's my usual morning/afternoon just-waking-up routine and sat down, my cell phone once again resting right before my monitor. I picked it up...and saw that once again Pizza Hut had called me.


I picked up the phone to dial our voice-mail, seeing that there was a message for me left there as well. My hands began shaking again, making me slow down to properly dial the voice mail number, then input the password. Casey, another delivery driver, had called me up.

"Hey, ah...I was just trying to get a hold of you, wanted to know if you wanted to come in today. Give me a call back as soon as you can, all right?"

I responded by making a face and flailing. Don't scare me like that, Casey!!

Sheesh, I'm on the border of job and not-job.... If I get another ticket or if I'm late again, I'm outta there. Since I've been back at work, I've been extremely, extremely paranoid about if I have the right time or not. I had to check a couple different times just to make sure that I had to be at work at 5 today. I don't want to be late again.... I can't be late again...because I don't know if I'll be able to get another job that's as nice as this one is. :(

But just a quick post here at the end, I got this message the other day:

"Fallon": Now for ONE MILLION DOLLARS, please complete this catch phrase: "UP, UP, and BLANK". Your answer is.....!

Auto response from OO Exile: Away~!

"Fallon": n_n~

That made me laugh for awhile when I returned later. Thanks a lot, Fallon! XD
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