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Oh yeah, that....

Hey folks! I just wanted to quickly write about something I mentioned in a previous post, but never got to clarifying....

As many of you know, I make anime music videos. Those who've seen them, as far as I know, all consider them "good". I wrote over a month ago that I went to "Freedom Fest", hosted by Shine.fm, 89.7 (continuing shameless plug! :D). I also wrote that I worked up courage to walk up to Johnny Rock, one of the DJ's there, and shake his hand. What I didn't write at the time, though, was that I was brave enough to give him a copy of my newest music video on CD, because they played "Beautiful Day" on their station, and that's where I first heard it...just saying "thank you". Mr. Johnny Rock e-mailed me back, saying he loved the video, thought it was perfect, blah, blah, etc...and that later in August, Sanctus Real (the band who made it) would be holding a concert there...and he wanted me to come in to show it to them.

I'm glad my parents weren't home when I read that, because I honestly screamed.

I mean, what the crap?! That sort of thing doesn't happen to me! I'm...getting to meet a famous band, say "what's up", and share with them something I made...utilizing the crap out of Windows Movie Maker and MSPaint!! Now...this day is August 26...and since I update so poorly with my LiveJournal, I never mentioned this before.... ^_^;;

Anyways, recently, other things have happened concerning anime music videos. By coincidence, chance, act of God, I'm not sure, Kenny Loggins happened to be in town a couple days ago, August 18th, holding a concert at the Star Plaza. I figured I would do the same thing with him--go there and give him a copy of one of my music videos, a Sonic the Hedgehog tribute with the horribly infamous Top Gun soundtrack "Highway to the Danger Zone". I met a member of the band, and gave him a copy...to say "thank you".

"Whoah! You used 'Sonic the Hedgehog'?! That's &^$#'ing awesome!"

Though he didn't use the best English out there, it bolstered my drive. Opportunity knocked two days later when "Weird Al" Yankovic played at the exact same place. For those who don't know much about anime music videos at large, Weird Al is very popular among "amv'ers" (you can find the abbreviation). I burned a CD with close to ten amv's and a small letter, then went to the Star Plaza after I got out of work, only briefly stopping to get a different shirt so I didn't look like I was delivering to them.... -_-; I met a band member as he was going to the bus, stopping to sign autographs and shake hands with the many fervent fans waiting outside. I shook his hand, gave him the CD, explained myself, and went on my way.

I'm not sure what the anime music video community at large would think of me sharing videos with the artists themselves. A lot of them fear the recording industry will some day crack down on the site and the community, and shut it down. They might say I brought doom upon them all by bringing their existence to light. Others might applaud me, saying that I'm doing the right thing, and thanking the artist by showing him a non-copyright-threatening fan-produced tribute made only for the sake of being a hobby. I don't know what to think, except only that time will tell.

But anyways, Biccy, Kat, Astros--your help with me and the videos are going to get viewed and noticed by the artists themselves. Feel semi-famous now, okay? ;)

...oh, and...Johnny Rock is giving me free tickets to Sanctus Real's concert on Thursday. This could be cool.... I hope to talk to Sanctus Real in-person for awhile; I know for a fact they won't be mad about "copyright infringement", or some garbage like that. I...suppose I'll tell you folks the details when I get back. ...and would you be offended if somebody asked for your autograph...? I mean, I don't wanna bother them or anything...but still...getting Sanctus Real's autograph could be awesome...in a fanboy-ish type of way.... XD
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