Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

A no and yes birthday

Today, as I'm sleepily writing this, is my birthday.

I didn't want it to be my birthday, I was hoping to found an invention to stop time so it wouldn't be my birthday, but I didn't get it in time.

I didn't want to turn 22, because after 21, you are finally on your way into adulthood.

But I'm not ready for my adulthood yet; my friends are all still young or young at heart...and I'm not ready, dangit!

But, there are people I've talked to who are older than me...plus in a situation sort of like mine...yet still awesome. It's these people who show me that getting older isn't going to be bad, but it just means I'll add more numbers to my age, but that's about going to be it.

Like a banner online I read said, "You can grow older, but you can still be immature forever."

With that said, I'd like to show you folks the first birthday present I've gotten...plus the only present I've ever received from online. It's from my awesome pal Biccy!

This made me happy...like you wouldn't believe. All my friends I view as precious presents. Each of you has brought happiness and worth to my life in some form. It's because of people that I live. To Biccy and the rest of you people out there...I love you. Thank you all for everything. You don't need to give me a present for my birthday to show you care, because all the other days I've known you people, you've let me know that.

Thank you all so much...!
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