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"Ninjas, huge robots, and things up in flames! / These are a few of my favorite things"

My birthday...was surprisingly nice. It's something I wasn't expecting...at all. Nobody...not that many people...have ever showed love to me at once. I don't quite understand it...I'm usually ignored. But yet a lot of people showed compassion to me, even though many didn't know it was even my birthday. Even Sam and his girlfriend got me an imprompt birthday present at Walmart, consisting of two Peppermint Patties. It...it was nice.... I don't understand it all myself.

This picture was taken outside.

The next day, my good friend Stephanie coordinated together a meeting of many unexpected people, including "Dead John", "Other John" (true name omitted), and even Steven Weiss and his girlfriend...all at a Chinese buffet in Valparaiso, on the corner of a large square on Lincoln Way, near a furniture store, a small Subway restaurant, a gas station, and the abandoned location of what used to be "the Realm". I've not eaten at a buffet in a long time...it was good to have a full stomach. Stephanie gave me a copy of "Clerks" on DVD. Though I don't agree with Kevin Smith on a lot of things throughout his movie anthologies...it's still a nice movie. I like the feeling of the movie towards the beginning more than the drama at the end...but it's still nice.

The day after that, on Sunday, I was awakened by a phonecall. The past two nights I had gone through an interesting experience of delivering newspapers in a friend of mine's stead. It was terrible the first night, only being given vague descriptions of what was going on and where I was to go...then, after almost an hour of searching for the place, I only imitated what everyone else was doing. Putting papers together, folding, bagging, putting them into the cart...then, thanks to Miss Urd-chan's (she refers to herself as such, though without the "Miss") very explicit and descriptive directions, complete with specific directions for a few houses...I was able to complete the route. I'm glad itt only lasted two nights...I collapsed for almost 10 hours of sleep Sunday evening. But, it was agreed, that, in payment for my services, I would receive...Pocky. Plus a sketch from the convention she went to. Everyday I returned home at about 7...and fell asleep right afterwards. Kat, during the work those couple nights, you have a newfound respect from me for your job.

The phonecall that awoke me was from Stephanie once more. Her first words were, "Mick Foley!!"

Yes, Mick Foley was to appear, along with other celebrities, at the opening/unveiling of the new branch at the Hobart hospital. For those who don't know who Mick Foley is, he's a professional wrestling legend. I'm not much hugely into wrestling, honestly...but the guy was somebody that always garnered my attention. A brief description of the man would go like this: he's one of the most brutally injured and patched up men ever in the entire history of professional wrestling...around the globe. Nothing fake. Stitches, broken bones, scars, burn wounds, brain damage, concussions, even most of one of his ears was taken by an explosion during some match out in Japan. But he's always had a gentle soul, and even a whimsical and comical side to him. For awhile, his character brandished a sidekick--"Mr. Socko". A sock put on his arm that he "made talk", though the ventriloquism act was always poorly, poorly done. Though he's spilt much blood and likely had even more of his own spill...this guy, I thought was sort of cool.

Stephanie and I got to see him, though the staff coordinating the appearance at Hobart's hospital was very rude and uptight about everything...though they did give free small containers of bottled water, thankfully. My meeting with the man was rushed...though this picture was taken:

This week my parents are out of town. They won't be back until Thursday. Until then, I'm taking care of the house. Nothing has happened here...nothing. It's been very quiet.... Work gave me a lot of time off, though...because of slow business. I'm currently awake during the midnight hours of my third day off--tomorrow I'm to open. I will have to wake up on my own...which, I think I can do. I have seven alarm clocks.

Tonight I watched more episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I need to see the series to get ideas of where to get footage for my next video...which will be Superchick's "Hero"...maybe even their Red Pill Mix. Buy their newest album, "Regeneration", if you want to hear some awesome, awesome music...or go to this website, and at the player on the bottom, go to the last song to hear the song I'm to use.

Watching Evangelion...has made me very subdued. It gets so serious at the end...it's very, very serious at the end...and a little disturbing watching it. I don't want to talk about the movie either. But I'm going to use this series for my next video. It's something that needs to be made...for everyone.

Sorry my tone's not normal tonight...my mind is on a lot of things. Nothing serious, so none of you better worry about me. If there was something, I would tell you, okay? ;) But anyways, you people take care.

P.S.: My present from my parents was a digital camera. Bet you couldn't tell, huh? ;)
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