Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

...okay, so maybe it wasn't the first thing in the morning.... But now! I have updates.

First, some business I'd written a little about in the past. Yes, my FLCL video was accepted into Anime Weekend Atlanta, and competed against 57 other submitted videos to win...well, anything, actually.

All entrants were to send in DVD-R's or VHS tapes, were given copies of the videos, and then could be the judges for the contest--it was a contestant-judged contest. Pretty nice idea.

There were many, many entrants into the contest...and just about every! Single! One of those people were better than me! It was like taking my music video self-esteem, which one might alike to my car, the 1997 Plymouth Breeze. It's a nice car, it doesn't look bad, and people like it, though it's shaggy, somewhat beat-up, and not what you see every day--but it's because of that people like it! Plus it's practical! ...but then, I take that car into a car contest...and then suddenly argh!! Vlad Pohnert's monster truck smashes it into the ground, where it's then picked up by Orange Kitten's truck-a-saurus and taken a bite out of, where it's then thrown into a giant sand bowl, a la destruction derby style, where it's then smashed up beyond recognition by AbsoluteDestiny, Daniel Chang, More Than Toast, Kusoyaro, and Doki Doki...when finally Aluminum Studios walks over to my mangled remains, points, yells, "N00b!!"...and that's about when I see that Sailor Death is actually there, then Brad DeMoss sweeps up what used to by my self-esteem/car, and deposits it in the proper receptacle.

It was terrible!! XD

But at the same time, it was nice. I wasn't expecting the competition to be this tough, nor was I expecting these amv editors to be in there! Oh my gosh, I was the small guy of the contest! I was Little Mac! ...except I lost to Glass Joe! Multiple times! And most people reading this likely have no idea what I've been saying!

But anyways, the contest was fun, and I hope to make a better video next year...because I'd like to enter once again. It was nice! ...and this time, I hope to possibly have a better video editing program...or maybe a better video, what with I already have--Windows Movie Maker and MSPaint. Ha! =)

Anyhow, many people've been bugging me to get a haircut lately. So, because of this, I've decided to do my first ever photos-heavy entry (...I mean, except the one I did last time...). Anyhow, click on the link below for fun, fun photo stuff. ...yup.

Well, folks (...at least, one) said my hair looked like a sheep.

...I don't think it does...does it? ...isn't too bad....

...but well, it's sort of getting there.... Or myabe getting there a lot....

Dangit, that means I've gotta go pay for this...!!

...and, throughout my life, I've been told I've looked like a couple celebrities, from Jerry Seinfeld --

[imagine a picture of Jerry Seinfeld here]

-- to the lead singer of the Verve...which...I can't find a picture for right now. But, after getting my haircut, there was one celebrity which I was not expecting...at all.

[suspense! you must scroll down! omgoose!!!1]



...ah well, it's garnering comments from different people.... -_- And I did that dumb-looking open-mouthed picture above on purpose, just to show the similarities with him and I. ;) But anyways, because I'm doing a long photo streak entry right now, I might as well go on. This is my personal squad of ninja! Who out there can brag they have their own private ninja squad to dispatch for whatever they want, huh? :D

Plus, for those out there who were curious about my goggles....


These are my goggles, my sunglasses, my air-conditioning, and my fashion statement. And I'm finishing this post for now. 'Nite, folks! I'll try to take more gold suit pictures in the near future! Because, from what I've heard from everyone one of you...it's sex-ay! ^_^

Hm! Now I'll show you doubters out there! Think I couldn't get a girlfriend before? We'll see about that.

[obvious retort to above statement goes here]
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