Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

As I'm writing this, I don't know how much time I have. My computer suddenly has decided that it's going to spontaneously restart on me...whenever it wants.

Well, quick update. My computer's been moved, and now I'm in the living room with Mom. I'm stowed away in the corner, butit's nice, because if I lounge to the side, I can see the tv, and that means I can watch tapes and DVD's when she goes to bed if I want. ...plus all day I can watch Comedy Central and Animal Planet with her, and keep her company so she won't be lonely all the time. ^_^

Also, Stephanie...is being evil to me. Her birthday is this month, but she refuses to say what day. She's finding it fun that she's able to remember everybody's birth date, but, meanwhile, everybody else doesn't memorize that sort of stuff, and now we're faced with the fact that it's this month but we don't know when. T_T The starting possibility date has already been passed, and time's quickly running out.

I'd just like to give you people a quick note, my cell phone died. With a vengeance. I bought a universal charger, that can switch the voltage and adapater things to any kind of DC current out there. I got it for my camera. Buuuuuuu~t it didn't work with my camera. I thought it was because my digital camera was crappy (...and it still is, actually, and I'm hoping to try to return it soon >_< ). I tried using that adapter with my phone then to charge it up. ...and then it did something to the battery and freaking fried the poor phone! >_< No, I had it set on the right settings..... Dangit, why can't I get anything without it being defective?!

Anyhow, with this phone dead, I wasn't able to pull up my list of contacts. Or send text messages. ...and the last text message I sent ever was to Stephanie's friend, Ruth, asking her what Stephanie's birthday was. ...of course, now I can't get a response....dangit. -_- So, I decided to do this the old-fashioned way and call her. But to get her number, I decided to get it from her family! I drove up to their house yesterday and walked up to their door, immediately greeted by their dog...um...in a dog-greeting-ish manner. I talked to what I think was her brother and mother inside, telling them I knew Ruth, and was hoping for her cell phone number. After asking for it, they both looked at themselves, and replied together, "No."


They got my number, though, so I suppose that works. Now hopefully Ruth will call me soon...and I can see how she's doing...and get Stephanie's birth day....

Anyways, also, my friend Justin's girlfriend, Christine, decided to lend me a couple DVD's out of the blue. I told her I wanted to see "Read or Die". She said okay. She lent me something else, though...something unexpected. She also lent me the entire DVD box set of Trigun. I...haven't seen this before, which is why she's actually making me watch this...but, just letting you people know, I've heard a lot of people out there say they hate it and think it sucks terribly, and they don't get why it has the fanbase it does...but with every episode, I'm...I'm becoming a fanboy!! Vash...Vash is starting to become another one of my anime heroes...!

I'm waiting for the ill responses to pour in any moment now.....

Anyways, there's been a lot of business with church things lately, but I don't have the time to write that now. After this's done, I hope to sleep. That could be my next entry. Anyways, take care, folks!
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