Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

My parents left for Seattle.

They aren't going to be back until Tuesday night.

I'm on my own then.

...you know how I plan to survive?

WAH HAH! I won't have to leave my computer area for awhile now!! XD

Disclaimer: Mikey does not condone the use of highly sugary food products for normal consumption. He is a bachelor with not much skill in cooking, and at the most, he could cook ramen or order a big pizza to eat for the remainder of his parents' vacation time...which he actually did. Marshmallows, cake, Pocky, Mountain Dew Livewire, cherry chocolate cake, and Pizza Hut are all trademarked titles, I'm sure, so please don't infringe. Other legal-sounding sentences. Etc....

Goooooo~d night....
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