Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Keeping you down

I dunno why, but today's sucked. Horribly. Looking at it all, I can't really see any happy moments, except giving a girl her birthday present, and she telling me she loved it.

Lately, things haven't been easy for me.... I got a new cell phone now, yes...but the microphone doesn't work. At all. I can't talk to anybody on there. It's just a glorified text-messaging appliance. >_< Also, Best Buy is telling me I'm unable to return the camera, because it's past the 14 days when Dad first bought it. Also, my mouse died the other night...er, computer mouse. I had to stop at Walmart and pick up another mouse.... And dangit, I think it's exactly a year since I got this new computer. Yayyy, way to celebrate.

It's not been fun living around here lately. A lot of people don't view me as a person capable of feeling, emotion, or needing love. A lot of people...only seem to want things from me. Lately, it's been more apparent to me how out-of-place I am. I have no friends my own age--22. Everybody's all so younger than me.... Lately, I've been hosting a chatroom on WinMX, and more than once from a couple folks I've been accused of being a pedophile. :\ Of course they were only kidding...but look at me. I'm 22, and I don't see where my life's going. I hang out with people who are always younger than me. I've been told a couple times to go "get a girlfriend", but it's not that easy, dangit. I belong in college right now, is what it is...but where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do there? I know my life has a point...but right now, it's so hard to keep my head up....

Anyways, I'm sorry about writing all this, and I'm sure if you didn't want to read all that, youl ikely scrolled past it in your Friends list. I don't want to force that on anyone. ...but for those who read all that...thank you, I do appreciate it..... In thanks, I'll show you a friend's political comic he made. Click here for it. ...does anybody recognize the name "Ian J"...?

Anyways, another note. I'm doing a couple different projects out there right now...but one of them needs voice actors. I just need two people right now...a guy with a voice that isn't deep, and a girl...umm...any age will do for that, as long as you don't "sound old". Anyways, that's it. Thanks, folks
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