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"WHAT THE CRAP!" con, 2004

Okay! Now...a bit over a week ago, I happened to get a couple days off...that coincidentally happened upon a convention! It was "Anime Reactor"! I haven't gone to too many conventions in my life...and being I got the time off, got offered a ride there, and everything, who was I to turn that opportunity down?!

Of course, it's a tradition that when you go to a convention, you wear a costume of some sorts, usually denoting your favorite anime/video game character, as dorky as that might sound...but it's fun! So...being that a certain costume of mine wasn't able to debut at Jafax last June...it was to be brought to Anime Reactor. The most original costume ever, and I'm sure I'm the first person to ever cosplay him....

For anybody who ever has played "Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past" on the Super Nintendo, you might remember going to the desert, where at the entrance is a fellow with a mustache...and has a sign next to him. "I am just an average guy. Do not speak to me. DO NOT remove this sign." He doesn't say too much, just sits there...him and his sign...sitting there...not moving...dot, dot, dot, he says...and--"HEY!! Why did you take my sign?! It says plain as day to leave it alone! Sheesh!!" And then he follows you around, bugging you! XD

Yes, ladies and gentleman...I cosplayed that "Sign Guy". I constructed my own little sign out of some spare lumber stuff, took a week growing a mustache (...ugh >_<), and, to be true to the character...I brought along a bookbag...that was filled with twenty dollars worth of jars! Later on in "Link to the Past", after you find out "his secret", then he unlocks a chest for you and gives you a jar. So of course I needed to hand out jars! Marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, Ragu, baby food, sandwich spread (...whatever that was o_O), apple mint jelly...yeah!

The con was pretty fun, but I was disappointed, because I didn't really get to meet anybody new. Everybody seemed to be walking around with somebody! Yeah, I had some friends there...but still, I heard about people making tons and tons of friends at conventions, even finding their boy/girlfriend whilst there...but I didn't get to meet anybody! That made me wonder more about why I just seem incapable of meeting or talking to people, at times. o_O

...but anyways, I'm not going to dwell on that. The con actually had a lot of celebrity guests! The character designer for "Cowboy Bebop" was there, as well as the director for some series like "Lodoss War" and "Wolf's Rain"...neither of which I'm actually much of a fan, so I didn't take much interest.... But two particular guests which grabbed my attention were some folks which you might not have expected at an anime convention: the creators of online "cartoon": Red Vs. Blue! These two folks are alcoholics, f.y.i. XD At the forum they held, they each had a bunch of bottles of beer up with them. It was interesting to get to hear them and their thoughts, though, as well as get to see what they're actually like in person! I really like what they do, and I think it's pretty cool how they make their own animated...thing...by adding their own audio to something, and making it a full-fledged show! ...later on on Saturday night, though, I ran into one of them in an elevator with a bunch of other people. Flat...drunk. There was something he said which I find sort of funny, though.

"Yeah, I could just tell them, 'hey, I'm famous, I'll have sex with ya!'" "...and that's worked more often than not?" "Oh it's worked more often than that!"

...such is the life of being a celebrity, internet or otherwise.... -_-

But in other news, I got to talk to another celebrity: "Sailor Bubba!!!" XD

...and later on I saw him flat-out drunk too. Was supporting himself against a wall just to walk straight! ...seeing Bubba, dressed as a schoolgirl, this time around...large, hulking mass and burly beard and everything...while drunk...is probably an image in my mind that it just going to stay with me the rest of my life....

But anyways, there was something that upset me about this convention. I went to this convention dressed as that one guy with the sign. But, there have been problems in conventions in the past before.... You see, signs are part of something that people normally do at conventions. Oftentimes they say something about hugging, glomping, Pocky, complete randomness, etc. ...but it seems that there have been problems with this in the past. It seems that pedophiles have been attending cons and getting their own signs, like "hug me for Pocky", etc. So what does this have to do with Anime Reactor?

All signs were banned.

...and so was my costume...dangit!

There were people there dressed in the skimpiest outfits you possibly could find out there, people with giant...freaking...props (for those who know anime, think of Sango's boomerang from "Inuyasha", Wolfwood's cross from "Trigun", etc.). There were some girls walking around in skimpy bikinis...and there was also somebody named "Stripper Vash" there!! ...but my costume got freaking banned. What the crap, people!! XD

...I understand why they did, and I support it...but still, just looking at the situation like that makes me just wonder what the crap's going on! ^_^; To make up for this, though, I went to the Artists' Alley place, and paid somebody to make me a small sketch that I taped to my back, telling people, "Hey. I'm the guy with the freaking sign from 'Link to the Past'. ...you want a jar?"

But speaking of art! One of the other things they had over there was a contest where they get some artists at a table, then the audience chooses a topic for them to draw, ranging from a variety of things, each for the artist to decide what it is in their own view. I'm happy, because I got to see the entire thing on Sunday, and a couple of my ideas were heard and accepted by the artists from the yelling crowd (...who knew their convention mascot could do pizza delivery? XD). I saw this contest briefly the day before, and this just seems to always be amusing to watch. I got to see some folks give a couple versions of Captain Planet ("what kind of power is 'heart' anyways?!")...and then see Bob Dole outfitted with Sailor Moon garb. AGGHHHFDFJDSLFJS!

I'm sure most folks who've bothered to read this far only have kept on reading because they have some idea what I'm talking about. XD

Anyways,as the time to leave the convention came, I decided to peruse the goings-on in the Artists' Alley, and even bought a couple pieces of art from folks! I even bought a mini-comic from a girl, because on the cover it mentioned "l33t ninjas"! Dude...anything with "l33t ninjas" has to be awesome, doesn't it?! I also found enough money to buy a print from a girl of something so terribly cute it threatened to give me diabetes and rot the teeth right out of my head. I was told later on it was "Puchiko" from Di Gi Charat...but I just liked it because it was cute. XD

I also found another mini-comic, which I liked the art on the cover, so I bought that as well! "Everybody who buys one gets a free sketch too!" I'm not arguing! XD And thus now I have a picture of me, dressed as "sign guy" (...horrid mustache included), while holding a liter jug of soy milk! I thanked the kind girl, and went on my way to find my ride. ...but not long after, I found my ub3r cute drawing of Puchiko to haunt me forever was missing!! I went back to the table where I'd gotten the drawing, and the girl there instantly recognized me and gave it back to me. "I was hoping you'd remember!" She even sent her husband out to look for me! That's definite awesomeness on her part.

And somehow, because of that, Kenmei Rokugatsu/Roku-chan of Guardian Sun Studios now is a friend of my LiveJournal. XD!! ...blatant advertising? Nahhh.... But I'm expecting what readers out there reading this to check her site! ...c'mon....

And thus I returned home later on that day with a bag that had lost its contents of jars, and instead was replaced with various facets of anime. I honestly wasn't expecting to go to this convention, and I didn't even request the days off! I just found out, barely before the con at all, that I'd be able to go. Otherwise I would've tried to invite some of my friends out there to come along. :(

But overall, I liked this convention...and maybe I'll go again next year. But for now, I'm looking forward to Anime Central in May, because that's where the cool stuff happens. XD Now, if anybody reading this knows anything about cosplay armor...please get a hold of me!

...um, yeah, I don't know any creative way to end this entry. o_O
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