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Don't ask me how it happened...or what sorts of events had them here...but they were in town. Over at Valparaiso University.

'Twas the day of Halloween. It started out as normally as you would expect. I saw the big bucket of candy on the table, got to talk to Stephanie, and even later on that day got to go with her and Markley to go check out "Saw"! For those of you curious out there, that movie...is freaking cool. It wasn't "scary", so much as it just made you really, really cringe at times (how would you react seeing some guy saw his foot off, huh?!). I honestly had no idea what to expect when I went to go see this movie, because I'd not seen any previews, being I honestly don't watch too much tv. At first I suspected it to be something horrid and gorey and just icky, like "House of a Thousand Corpses", but it actually turned out to be a really freaking smart movie nothing like that!

Towards the end I suddenly got horrified with how things were playing out, and I whispered over to Stephanie, "This ending sucks!" but then it totally redeemed itself! ...there are still a couple things I have issues with, like what eventually happened to the "killer" guy...but still, I'm happy with this movie. Geez, you see the killer guy throughout the entire movie, but you never know it! Don't even try guessing...honestly...!

Anyways, I came back home, and helped Mom out a little bit with the handing out of candy to greedy, grubbling little people dressed in costumes.... They didn't offer to trade or anything! It was just "give me candy, punk!" ...of course, they disguised their intentions with "trick or trea~t!"...ohhhh, but I know what they were actually thinking....

So as time continued, and Mom and her caretaker were able to hand out Halloween, I donned my Halloween costume of a young adult living in the midwestern United States, and headed out for Valpo University for the concert Shine.FM had been advertising, known as "Neewollah"! There were a lot of bands there, but all of whom I don't remember nor care about much, because there was just one band there I was interested in seeing: Superchick.

For past readers of my journal, I'm sure you'll recall me saying in the past various things about Superchick here or there. But now...they were in town. This almost was as cool when Sanctus Real had their concert, and I got to meet them as well...! Before I left, I made sure to go onto my computer, and burned them a CD of my past anime music videos, as well as a couple videos that others had made in the past using their music. I also included a letter, telling them I appreciated the work they'd done, as well as some personal aspects, like the coincidence of my name being "Mikey D" and the situations which I was faced with when I was in school.

I unfortunately wasn't able to finish their music video by this time, because of various junk that is currently plaguing my computer. :\ But on the other hand, I did give them the promise I'd have it finished by December! They were the last band to play that night, and I was there by the stage as they did, rocking hard. They were awesome there. Everybody in that band was great. It's a shame they didn't get to play for longer, but everybody needed their own fair share of time, I suppose. Still, though, that hour just seemed to race by when they were on stage, getting to play their old stuff, as well as a new song or two, even stuff that hadn't been released yet!

After the show, they were signing autographs and getting to talk to anybody who wanted to say "hi!" I went by their table and talked to them. I gave the lead singer that promise I'd e-mail them when I'd finished their music video, and happened to tell one of the guys I liked his rapping he did.

"So do you rap?" he asked me.

"Oh no, no, I wish...." I said. "I just know something by M.C. Hammer."

"What is it?" the drummer sitting next to him asked.

"Umm...'Can't Touch This'...?"

"Oh! You have to give us that! Come on," they egged on. "I'll even start you off! 'My, my, my, my--'"

And thus...I rapped for Superchick. I'm as white as they come, f.y.i. Just the premise that I did M.C. Hammer for Superchick still gets me. Ahhh...but now I have another band out there who now knows me as "Mikey", and their autograph currently is taped to my wall, right next to the frisbee the lead singer of Sanctus Real had signed...except with Superchick, I can actually read their writing! XD

Now all that's left to do is figure out what the crap is wrong with my video codecs, and I can finally finish...nay, start this video! -_-...
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