Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mikey, episode 110604. "What Happened to the Car? Mikey's Tough Decision!!"

A quick question I'd like to shoot out to my internet homies out there.... I've sort of come into a predicament.

My dad's mid-life crisis has not ceased in its rampaging course since I last moved back into the house during last year's October. Lately, he's had some financial questions and issues and blah, blah, blah, with his sister, and here's what it comes down to. She needs to get a new car, and Dad won't co-sign with her...so he's given me a choice.

He was curious if I might be willing to give my sister my car (my car!!), and then he would help me to buy a brand new car...that brand new car being Honda's Element. Folks out there might think me dumb for being hesitant about this decision, but...I love my car!! :( I told him earlier today when he mentioned that my car was a piece of crap that my car was like an old, stuffed teddy bear! The fact that it was beaten up so much showed that it had been loved a whole, whole lot! And now...I'd be having to give it up!

Another thing is that I'm very...very wary about receiving things so big like that. A couple of you folks out there might recall my rantings and ramblings in this journal a year ago when I returned home from the apartment, almost close to poverty, and suddenly found myself just about swimming in a plethora of luxury. Now, over a year later...I'm suddenly finding out I might be getting a brand. New. Car. Of course...I have to pay for it, but Dad's willing to help to pay me...but still! Suddenly finding out that I'm going to get a brand new car from out of the blue like this...it just unsettles me!!

Anyways, I was hoping to hear everybody's view on this. ...and, also, if you're a car person, could you tell me the plusses and minuses of the Honda Element? ...and...yes...I know the blasted thing is ugly.... I like the fact it's practical...but anyways, it's not much my choice in the first place what car I might be getting, honestly. I think it's sort of like when I got Dad that George Foreman grill for Father's Day one year, because I secretly wanted us to have one! ^_^;;;


P.S. The computer is almost done being fixed. I'm at Nick's place at the moment doing surgery. ...this's his computer I'm borrowing to type this right now!

Soon I will return to my own, refurbished computer, ready to finally tackle this AMV head-on already!! >_
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