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Dude!! Freakin'...yes! Well, this post was supposed to be meant for last night, but unfortunately I fell asleep. But whoo!! Online friend extraordinaire JeffreyAtW's offered me webspace with his website...so yeah, Jeff, I'd like to take ya up on that offer, and I appreciate it muchly. Thanks a whole lot, dude! Really! =)

Anyways, also last night I discovered that another online friend who also hangs out in the same chatroom as Ian J. and Jeffrey is another fellow by the name of UPC747...who...was discovered to also have a Livejournal. So obviously I'm gonna add 'im! Only courteous, y'know? That makes it so that literally half of the friends that I have here on Livejournal are webcomic authors. He runs a comic that's called "Robots", and though it at the moment is on hiatus, I actually have done a guest comic before. If you want to check it out, make sure that your eyes can see, okay? Let's continue.

Mikey shows mad stick figure, cut-and-pasting, mspaint m4d sk1lls, j0!!  Whoooo...um, yeah!

Yes, I know that it doesn't look the best and some jokes might pass people by (the dude in panel 5 is "Cats"...for those of you who know 'im, "ha ha ha ha")...and I know it has Mr. T in it. I try to put that pixelated version of Mr. T some place in all my guest comics, just because. Now you know why I won't ever be a (successful) webcomic artist. But that's why there's such things as guest comics! Where I only temporarily subject people to such art! ...um, yeah. My other guest comics normally make more sense than the two I've posted here, so don't think me a psycho in doing comics, okay?

Anyways, insomnia, day 7. Last night I wasn't tired and stood up a little bit, actually writing in my livejournal and actually having a great conversation involving Jeff, Upc, and a little bit of a cool girl that hangs out there under many variances of "Leo" (Leo-chan, CapnLeo). It was really cool; I haven't had a sit-down-and-talk conversation with those folks in some time, actually. It was better than the conversation that was going on in my roommates' channel, at least. Those...comments...I won't post. No, not seeing them.

Man, in ten minutes I need to leave for work. Well in this time, I'll just quickly write with what has happened today thus far. Last night I passed out in my computer chair some time between 4 and 5, totally without warning. This morning, about 9, I suddenly was startled awake by a loud "bang, bang, bang". It was Dillon; he'd arrive to come pick me up to go to church. Unfortunately...I wasn't ready. His car was there, he was ready for me to be there, everything. He decided that I was asleep after loudly knocking and started for his car, ready to leave. By the time he was almost to his car, I was shocked widely awake and waved frantically at him to get him to wait. Thankfully, he did, and after throwing a semi-nice-looking shirt on with my work pants from the previous day (they look nice, shush), I went to church with him.

Things actually went pretty well at church. Sadly it's been a few weeks since I'd last been there, for one reason or another each Sunday. But this Sunday I was determined, and thankfully I got to go. The 10 o'clock Bible study talked about the poor, and how we can't forget about them. We have to help them whenever and however we can, even going to the extremities to help out. Way back when, the church was some place people went to for help and supply in time of need. The study focused on that aspect of it, saying that the church needs to help people out materially, when needed, as well as spiritually.

At 11, the church service started, and we sang some. I got a rude reminder that my voice is still a little strained in the mornings, and while singing, getting into it, my voice actually cracked on a couple high notes. Yes, people, I've gone through puberty, quiet you.

Anyways, afterwards, Dillon offered to treat a kid named Paul and I to lunch, so I accepted. Denny's is expensive...but I still think they're outright tasty when they want to be, especially with breakfast! Oh man, that's a lot of food, and isn't bad either! Oh yum, dude!!

Anyways, it's 3:44 now, so I really should start getting ready to head to work. I suppose I'll see you, reader, later on. Take care, all right, and God bless!
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