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Dinner table discussion

Well, the situation with my car is sort of being resolved. My dad really, really wanted to get an Element, which is why he kept pressing me to get one. For those who don't know how ugly or what the...box-ish...thing...looks like, then click on the link to the picture. While this thing could be pretty practical, and have a lot of space in it...it, umm...is ugly!! Something has to be really bad for me to get turned off on how it looks. =/

Anyways, I'd found a couple better things. Recently, when telling Nick about my dad's quest to potentially get a new car for me, he suggested something to me. I think it was the Honda Prius (looks freaking futuristic, doesn't it? :D). This car was one of those fancy hybrid gas-electric things that got about 50 miles per gallon (whoah!), and only went for $21,000! That is a freaking shocking statistic, and with something like that, everybody and their mom would want to get that sort of car! ...but unfortunately, that is very, very much the case. My dad went to go check out the dealer, and he found out you have to wait eight months on a waiting list to buy one! ...I'm sad..... :(

He brought back some brochures about some other cars. He decided to suggest to me the Toyota Matrix and the Corolla. I saw the brochures, and flipped through them, while asking and comparing the statistics. They were about the same price, but what I wanted to concentrate on was the gas mileage.

"The Corolla has about 32 to 41 miles per gallon, and the Matrix has 29 to 36."

"...and they're the same price?"


"So what's so special about the Matrix anyways?"

"The body style."

"...and that's it?"

"Yeah. So which do you think you want?"

"...well, the Matrix doesn't have as great of gas mileage...."

"So you want the Corolla?"

"...but the Corolla looks so average!"

...and then I was asked when the last time was that I got the crap beaten out of me.

Anyways, not too much has been going on with me. My computer has been fixed up, and now it doesn't act like stupid. Plus I installed that 30 gigabyte harddrive from my old computer, so now I have a lot more space! Wheee~! I'm currently working (...more) on getting the amv started. And...lately, my sleep patterns have been completely out-of-whack. I've been falling asleep in front of my computer a lot lately. It's like I can't get well rested at all. I sleep sort of late, then end up falling asleep somewhat early. It really kind of sucks. Harsh. >_<

Anyways, there was something of a "day of infamy" that occurred, and that was yesterday. Any and all who are in retail, or at least hear a little about what goes on with electronics knows about it. "Halo 2" was released yesterday, but I was with Nick at 11:00 the night before, waiting for midnight to arrive, along with many, many other folks, who would then get their copy then. This game was pretty awesome.... It seemed pretty nice, but I've not had the chance to play it enough to get a definitive opinion of it. I was disappointed, though, that I shut down the chatroom on MX to bring over my computer in hopes of playing Lan games with the other folks at Nick's birthday party, but instead there was only Halo (sorry about that folks; it's back now...!).

Anyways, one final thing. I know that most folks reading my journal don't have the slightest clue or interest in anime music videos...but this's part of me, so I've gotta write about it. ;) Well...I recently found out there was to be a big, multi video editor project, which is the three-quel of "AMV Hell"...which, big shocker, would be called, "AMV Hell 3: the Motion Picture". What folks are to do is to submit clips of anime with audio that just makes you arch an eyebrow, and facepalm, then just say to yourself, "...that's...just not right...." It should be between an hour to two hours, once everybody's submitted their clip. But anyways!! I was accepted!! XD I'm going to be part of this project, and have a couple clips underway. Gendo talks about Geico Auto Insurance, different anime turtles vie for being called "Ninja", and Yamamaya is officially a Thundercat. Yeah, sounds dumb me just writing it there...but it'll be nice once it's finished, you'll see.

Anyways, that's it for me writing in here now. Yup!
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