Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Changes at work: "THIS SUCKS, THIS SUCKS, THIS SUCKS!!!!1"

I suppose I should explain the subject line. Things at work aren't bad.... In fact, things surprisingly have been going well for me over there for awhile, and I've almost been working a year! If this keeps up, this actually will be the longest job I've ever worked! I'm not sure if I've written in here before about it, but when I was back working at the Wendy's on Calumet in Valparaiso, I worked there for about exactly one year. The day that I worked there a year and became qualified to take a paid vacation and such...that day was when they decided to freaking fire me. >_<

But anyways, a couple days ago, a recently discovered buddy over at Pizza Hut, a fellow driver by the name of Casey, got fired. We just became friends, too, when I found out he was playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and I started telling him about my experience playing San Andreas! ...and now he ain't around anymore. >_< ...but his wife is...and yesterday she came up to me while I was grabbing myself a drink, and told me the news about him. She then told me he doesn't warm up to too many people...but he actually did to me, and he told her a small list of people to tell there at work that he was going to miss, and I was included. That really got me disappointed that that happened to him...so I asked her if she could give him something for me, and she said sure. I then hugged her.

But anyways, now that Casey is gone, there is a vacuum of hours that needed to be filled. Casey was somebody that did a lot of opening at work, so he got a lot of those hours. But now with him gone, those hours had to be filled...and I got all of them!! Ahhhhhhh I gotta open every single day, except for this weekend, because those days are free, but I have plans then! As if work didn't wear me out enough already!! This suuuuucks, this sucks, this sucks...!! *sound of mournful sobbing*

Something else bad happened at work. Earlier today...something that meant a lot to me got taken away.... There...in the dining room...by the doors, when you first walk in...was a game called "Sharpshooter", and I was the best at that game! My name was all the way across the high score board on it. I was a crack shot, with instant reflexes, and bulls-eye targeting. Just one play could get me through the game (whoo! I rule! but I suck in all other shooting games! XD). But...it got removed!! I was told it was time for it to be replaced with something else. So they put in "Hydro Thunder"!! It's a game where you race boats! But it's hard!! In the times I played it today, I never got a place above 6th place, and I raced well!

...daggumit, I wanna work later hours, and get my name on the high-score list again.... T_T ...my problems at work sound so pathetic to some of you, don't they...? ^_^;
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