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Comments from a just-awoke Mikey

'Morning, folks. ...or at least "afternoon". It is currently 12:12, and I just woke up about twenty minutes ago. The "insomnia" period is now hopefully over, thank God. Yesterday I hadn't slept the previous night, and last night at work coffee flowed strongly through my veins. I returned back to the apartment afterwards, and fell asleep...uh...in...my car. What, I mean, I just sort of leaned the seat back when I got back, thinking to myself how tired I was then...zzzz...zzzzsnrx...zzz...and that continued just about until 5 or 6 or so this morning, when I woke up and realized I was freaking sleeping in my car! I came inside, where Ryan and Fallon were just starting off the day, getting ready for college and work and whatever else it is, and got odd look for mentioning I passed out in my car. Then went back to my room to continue sleeping there...instead of in my car...which is where one shouldn't sleep.

My parents say sleeping in the car is against the law. I have to check that up. It's dangerous, too. Michael Jordan's dad was killed while he was sleeping in his car. :/

Bo keeps coming into my room and wandering around. I think he's lonely at the moment and missing Fallon. I'll try to get Fallon to take a picture of him some time when he's wearing his bright pink cape. Geez he hates that thing....

I went to Nick's place yesterday...well, actually the day before. I stayed the night over there. He got a house in Lake Station, and there we played video games for just about the whole time, after I finished helping him move stuff into there. We tried "Dynasty Warriors" for the Playstation 2. Geez, it's crazy.... My character in that game is Sun Ce. Yeah, those big stone tonfas're neat.... He just got "Splinter Cell". I will admit the game is quite fun, but my complaint about the game is that it just plain hates me. Anybody, actually. The game. It hates everybody. Loaded with hate. It says "grr". I spent three hours on one single level "dying" (or failing the mission, at least), and having to go back and try to make it through, repeating the same tasks over, over, over, over, over...ngh, ngh, ngh, and over again. But Michael Ironside is the voice of the man you play as. That's cool.

I'm finding many mosquito bites upon my person. They itch. And I still have some paint on me. I helped Dillon paint a house the other day...at least part of it. The lower stone part put onto the foundation. He treated me to lunch too at Cracker Barrell. That made two days in a row he treated me to lunch like that...really cool guy. I even keep telling him he doesn't have to do that! I was thinking of taking him to Inman's some time and treating him to some bowling and lazer tag. He likes that thing. I wonder if I'd be able to interest him in Dance Dance Revolution too.... Ever see a pastor who could ddr? Oh, I now have white primer still quite noticeable on my left leg. Agh. Must wash.

Hypocrisy is bad. I knew somebody on irc who liked frequently "kicking" people jokingly from chatrooms. Finally it happened she and I were in a room, where I had the power to do that. I did. She got annoyed at me and called me a name. Non-jokingly. Dude, what gives? =\

My grandma gave me $20 the other day, getting very serious with me. "You can't ride around with a quarter tank! What if you run out? Take this twenty dollars and fill your car up all the way, do you understand? Now promise me." ...um...sure. *cowers slightly* Needless to say, I filled the car up all the way. My grandma is cool like that. Thanks a lot, Grandma. I appreciate it a lot. Really. Thank you. :)

The story I've been writing has been continuing, though now it's at a slow lull. Sarah has brought in an unexpected take on it which might or might not add to the overall perspective/setting of the story. The verdict is still out, though I'm watching where this might take it.

Somebody told me that I could take my writings and some day publish them. That way I could take my writing skill and put it to a practical use. That sounds pretty neat, but is that applicable in the near-future? I hope so....

My scalp itches from oily dirtiness. I need to take a shower after I finish this post.

It's coming soon where I'll be moving out. I do and don't look forward to it. I'll miss living with Ryan. Fallon too. And Bo. And then Mo. Mia. Edward. Here on Gilligan's Isle!

...I plan to defeat the crockpot monster before I leave. Oh yes, it shall be defeated. With much documentation too.

"Abamayo", I think it's spelled, is yummy. Very yummy. Shrimp, mayonaise, rice...um...other stuff...it's tasty. Fallon gave me some the other day. ...I think I posted about this the other day...oh well. I was just reminded of that because the dish is still sitting here. What?! Don't give me that look! I'll take it out and wash it after I'm done with the post, okay?! Anyways, I really appreciated Fallon letting me have some like that. It was in that instance where this place started to feel more like that "family" I was looking for when I left.... It's unfortunate I didn't have more money while staying here so I could contribute to buying groceries and then have a share of the food that's in the pantry and the fridge, and some days just go plain hungry. I wonder if they ever notice that some times I go entire days without food?

I should get going to Nick's now. I told him I would stop by. It's getting to be about that time. And I still need to clean up before I leave. Arr. Yay stuff. :)
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