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These past couple days've been the definition of exhaustion. Work's still been having me go a lot, and I've even been calling a couple friends from work, just because that's usually when I'm able. I've not gotten much sleep, and even yesterday at points I was threatening to fall asleep behind the wheel. Thankfully, caffeine has its ups.... Unfortunately, though, when I got home, I flopped down on my bed, then fell asleep right then and there...and I was supposed to call Stephanie too...dangit.... >_<

Anyways, there isn't anything to say about this past week or two. Nothing happened. Really. o_O I worked. Then I had a day off for Thanksgiving. Then I worked again. But Thanksgiving, though...was okay...but it was like most family get togethers: I went there, and I sat quietly, while everybody talked. I suppose I'm not close with my family.... :\

Anyways, I'm going to go off on a small rant now. There's something wrong with society that just gets under my skin, and everybody thinks it's okay. >_<

Recently it's become very, very apparent to me how out-of-place in this world I am. No, no, this isn't a rant about how I don't fit in around here or anything like that...but instead a view of double-mindedness and hypocrisy with a society that claims to be accepting of any and all. It doesn't matter if you're Buddhist, Catholic, white, black, gay, straight, rich, poor, blah, blah, blah...the world accepts you in its diversity, and everything is hunky-dorey...except, of course, those blasted idiot born-again Christians. Geez, they're so dumb! Delusional and foolish is what they are....

G'ahh. >_<

I keep seeing more and more people sticking their noses up at God, and the media isn't helping at all. Not long ago, I met up with Nick and his girlfriend and friend at BW3's. While there, somehow the subject of God came up, and Nick's pal flew into a rant...completely sober. "Okay...now...I think all those Christians out there are just idiots. They're sitting there with all their beliefs, thinking that there's some 'God' that they have to go follow, and they have to follow all these stupid rules, otherwise they'll offend that big guy in the sky. I just have to say...that every single one of these people is just delusional." He then looked over at me. "...and sorry, Mikey."

Everybody has the wrong view of Christians. It's been pounded into their head with that view...from everywhere. Apparently the world thinks that Christians are a stuffy group of people who have hypocritical, angry televangelists on tv who care only about money, while they believe and pray to a God who isn't there, and are sitting there trying their best to live right so that they'll be allowed into heaven, if they try hard enough, they have bad music that's all "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", and are closeminded and hateful of deviant behavior and everybody who doesn't agree with them, and will tell them that they're going to hell to burn.

These people just seriously peeve me off. >_<

People can argue all they want to, but true Christianity isn't like that. They can yell and rant and rave about how we're all delusoinal, but a lot of the time these people themselves are uneducated. People paint over Christianity, saying in a multitude of ways how it's disproven. Evolution, "contradictions" in the Bible, how the Bible isn't completely legitimate and been re-written so many times in the past, their own views and theories, like "if God really existed..." The thing is that their views are skewed from the true way in which God is to be perceived. I'm not going to get into an argument of "why you're wrong and I'm right, blah, blah"...but the fact is that over the years, I've looked into Christianity and its claims, and read up on them. With each argument I've investigated into, there's been evidence which punches holes in others' arguments, and gives credibility into the claims and validity of the Bible. Usually the people who bash the Bible don't have any clue what it actually says, aside from a couple snippets they decided to listen to themselves, and of course thought it dumb anyways.

God in my life is somebody very...very real. God is objectively real, and the Bible true. I know that that is a bold statement on my behalf, but it's reality...and I'm not saying that to start a fight or "offend" anybody, but I felt it had to be said. As much as people can argue about facts or this or that...but God is somebody who is real. This is not delusion or my mind making up things, but rather He is somebody who is as real as you or I, with feelings, intelligence, and personality. He isn't some "force" or a faceless deity which people are to blindly go and follow.

Not long ago there was an anime convention called "Anime Sound & Vision" up in Rosemont that took place at the same place Reactor did. During that time, though, another convention was going on. I don't remember the exact name of it, but it was a Christian convention, and there were a lot of people with Asian descent there. During that time, apparently there were some conflicts. For example, some apparently felt offended by girls walking around with somewhat skimpy attire on...like, for those who know them, Thief Rikku from FF X-2, "Sexy no Jutsu" from Naruto, and even a Final Fantasy moogle costume, that was more a fur bikini. This got a lot of comments from people about how such a pain that Christians were. Also, some complained about how high the Christians were playing their "bland, Jesus" music. And there were various other mutterings against them.... Now, I'm sorry, but most Christians don't watch or get anime. I don't know what they "normally" watch or do for entertainment, but I'm certain that anime isn't on that list....

Christianity isn't really allowed in public anymore, or otherwise it'll get snide comments from folks about something. People oftentimes are surprised to find out I'm a born-again Christian. "You're...a Christian...but you're cool!" Some people much don't care about this with me, and will blatantly bash God without batting an eye. A friend of mine, Justin, will go on long-winded rants and making snide comments and jokes about God...right to me, as if he expected me to agree! He's a pretty cool guy, in all honesty, but he has such rage and hatred against anything that is about God, and doesn't care who it might offend.

Even in the media or shows, God is treated with carelessness. Tonight, as I was on my computer, my mom was watching a show on tv called "Desperate Housewives". On it, a woman committed suicide. Some people from the "church" (such a freaking mockery on there >_< ) talked to her friend about it. "Well, the Bible says that if you commit a sin, and then don't confess it before you die, then you'll go to hell." This view just freaking angers me!! >_< Treating forgiveness as a game?! "Gotta make sure you're okay before you die, or you burn!" Being forgiven and going to Heaven is nothing freaking like that!! No priest or anybody can make sure you're "A-okay", then send ya on your way. Being forgiven doesn't involve anything elaborate like that. You just have to ask Jesus into your heart, and ask to be forgiven, and live for Him! As bad as that might sound to people, actually it isn't...at all. He might direct my life, but it's all for the best. "Keeping me away from fun", "mindless puppet", etc.? No!! The only reason He would want me to not do something would be because it would only hurt me in the end, and the pleasure would only be fleeting and temporary anyways. :\

On that "Desperate Housewives" show, the people in the church were portrayed as stuck-up, haughty people, bound by rules, and heartless and careless to people who didn't agree with them. "Well she committed suicide, and the Bible is very clear on saying that suicide is a no-no!" one woman said. Those were her last words, as the guy she was with them clubbed her, then strangled her to death, and wrapped her body up in a rug. In anime, the concept of the "Christian" God is oftentimes even more twisted and contorted than it is in our media. I recently saw the ending to "Chrno Crusade". It was an anime about heaven, demons, and some big battle playing out here on Earth. Throughout the entire series, they referred to God as some heartless creator, ruling over the cosmos with an iron fist, and uncaring of those who might get hurt if they disobeyed him. Never once was God truely portrayed as a "good" guy in there--he was just that jerk who ruled over everything. And in "Neon Genesis Evangelion"...oh, egads, how convoluted that was.... -_- The director of that series said later on he only used Christian symbolism and references in there to make it stand out more. I won't even start talking about Eva.... -_-

But it just really aggravates me how people can just treat Christianity this way when they don't even know anything about it, or what they're talking about...just spouting out a theory they themselves have made, or they heard from somewhere. If people are apparently supposed to be "accepting", then why in the world are Christians suddenly the only people they snub?! ...geez this just freaking angers me.... >_<

Anyways, I just needed to write about this to get it out of my system. Thanks for reading.
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