Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

There and gone

Well, I know it's been awhile since I've typed in this thing...and there honestly isn't much for me to write about. I've got a headache right now.... I need aspirin. ...and in six hours and thirty-eight minutes, here in northwest Indiana, in a little town called Portage, Indiana, it's going to be 2005, and not 2004 anymore.

I suppose I should systematically talk about things that need talking about. Christmas passed by. I woke up, I opened presents, I played "Metal Gear 3" for awhile, then went to my aunt's house, where I was ignored by my relatives, as per usual, then came home. I did find something out, though.... I got it confirmed that my older cousin Bobby actually knew famous amv maker Sailor Death when he was a kid. No fooling. Also, I found out that late-night radio WMBI personality Mike Kellog ("Hello, friend") goes to church right down the road from my house! ...this world...is too small.... o_o;

Anyways, something else happened in the world as well. An earthquake occurred underneath the Indian Ocean, and caused massive tsunamis, which have destroyed so...so many lives. I remember first hearing about it, and hearing the death toll was 13,000-something. It hit me hard then that this was worse than September 11th. And now...the last time that I had heard, the death toll was 70,000-something, and likely could surpass 100,000. One-hundred-thousand human beings.... One-hundred-thousand different people, each with their own hopes, dreams, ideas, aspirations.... I don't watch much tv, much less CNN, so I haven't seen much of this, nor does it somehow...seem real to me. But the only thing is...that it did happen. And yet somehow I can't grasp it. I wish there was some way that I could help out more. I can't donate online, because I don't have a credit card and borrowing Dad's is a taxing process (...which explains why I don't buy much, if anything, online). Bahhhh, I feel so bad for these people.... I know it was allowed to happen for some reason. What it is, I don't know...

There isn't anything else I can think to say about that. I'm sorry....

Anyways, I've run into a headache lately.... >_< At first it was some delays before Christmas, allowing me to not get to the post office...just at the right times. Finally, we got some new blood hired in at work. It was supposed to free me up some hours, since finally somebody else could freaking open up at work.... But then, out of the blue, he decided to quit, and everybody had to pick up his slack...namely me...because I was the one he was replacing.... Dag-freaking-gummit...! And now! Today! After the past week of working long hours, returning home exhausted, and literally sitting down and falling asleep, I get the chance today to go to the post office to mail out the small presents (and not-so-small, as well) for my internet friends...and there's a sign, stating the post office would be closed today. And tomorrow. And Sunday. And it would be open on Monday, except it would be the exact hours I'm at work. Then at the very bottom was a small caption, stating that "MIKEY SUCKS, LOLZ!!!!!1"

...the post office is so mean...!! :(

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going up to Michigan to visit my friend Jenna and her menagerie. Unfortunately this also puts some crimp into previously established plans. Katie, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to do karaoke with you tomorrow. :( It'll have to wait till next week--I'm sure I'll have that Saturday evening off.

...dangit, freaking sleep patterns...I hate going to bed early. >_
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