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My car broke down!!! :D


Okay, so everyone thinks I'm crazy. Well, first off, to tell you folks the truth, actually I've been hoping my car would break down for some time. Giving folks rides, doing errands, and being depended on is all well and nice, but there comes a time where you'd like a break. Also, because of the special nature of my job (you can't work pizza delivery without something to drive, right?), I also get a break off from that. So in other words, I'm forced to stay home and chill out, catch up on video games I've not played for some time ("Growlanser" is funny, because the dialogue is so stiff and the plot is very thin, but it's just...fun! ^_^; ). In celebration of this, my day off, after my parents departed, with Mom going to rehab, I blasted the speakers and shook the house with Mambo Leo/"that Odorikuru song", all while giggling silly.

It's not every day you get a forced day off when you're well, huh? ;D

Anyways, I know it's been forever and a day, three hours, and fifteen minutes since I've written down anything in this journal at all, so I'll give a quick synopsis. I've been tired as usual, and have even been falling asleep before my mom has, on occasion. Even in the most awkward of spots, like face down on the couch with my Pizza Hut jacket still on. ^_^;;

So this was something problematic when a friend's family, I think I've mentioned them before, asked me for help. I know the lady as "Urd", self-nicknamed after one of the goddesses from "Ah, My Goddess". She's the only otaku mom I know, and has a couple chest-high bookshelves with just anime DVD's. The way she and her daughters survive is from her income derived from delivering newspapers. Being the anime fans that they are, they at times go to various conventions, including ones out of state or clear across the country. Last week was one such instance.

If you know anything about paper delivery, you know that it's a 7-days-a-week job, and having somebody fill in for you if you have to call off is a very daunting task.... So, because of my work experience, I was asked to fill in. I did so, while asking for a little in return. And everything went well during that time...except for the fact I accidentally threw a paper onto somebody's roof one night...ah heh...! But it just felt weird turning in early(-er than usual), as well as setting my alarm for 1 at night. I ended up getting home from the whole debacle usually at about 8. Yeah, that's a long time, but it was a pain getting all the way out there, preparing the newspapers, then delivering them all from a list haphazardly marked out. ^_^;;

So I got this!

Yay pencil boards!! ^_^

Ah, and in case I hadn't mentioned it, for Christmas I got a webcam. But actually it's not one webcam. It's three. From different people. o_O It's like folks are hinting that they want to see me. But with all these webcams, I'm not going to keep them all, and I have two I'm willing to sell to the first people in need for $10 each or some other negotiable form of payment. :D

Also, I've run into a slump. I like to call myself an "AMV maker", but I've not had the means with which to make these for such a long time, and months ago I was making a big deal out of my Evangelion video...which then was brought to a rocky stop by the fact my computer decided to tell me "lol no". I'd like a copy of DVD2AVI that doesn't suck. T_T

Oh yeah! And with my car broke down, Mike Kellogg gave me a ride home from church the other day! Of course, I'm guessing there are zero people reading this at all who'd understand the whole fanboy aspects that had for me. ^_^; And while he's an older fellow, he drives...like an old guy! Pretty slow! He was doing 29 on Swanson (the road by my house)! But...I don't know if it was just my thinking or what, but somehow I didn't imagine a radio personality being so forward, open, and giving. He called me over to talk with him after church, was interested in getting to know me, and basically insisted on me getting a ride with him and his wife instead of doing that 15-minute walk in the snow. Really awesome guy. :)

Oh yeah. And we recently had something akin to a blizzard over here. Really deep snow. On the sidewalk, completely untouched, the snow was up to my knees. And I heard we were at the tail end of it all. The folks out east got hit even harder. Crud. =\

Anyways, I guess that's it. So instead of a final saying or a finishing statement or something like that, I'll just give you this picture. :D

I'm gonna use this for Deviant Art! ^_^
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