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Well, as a lot of you've known, my car has been the topic of discussion amongst many for some time.... There actually have been a lot of different things going on with my car lately.

As detailed a couple posts ago, my car died for a little while. The belts had come off with the power steering, so I had none of that for the longest time. Something I didn't know, though, was that the belts also worked the alternator...and for those not in the know of such car things, that's what keeps your battery charged. So during the day of that blizzard when my car spontaneously died in front of that business, it was because the battery finally had all of its power sapped away, and that explained why, after jumping it, it fizzled and sputtered to nothing less than a minute later.

Lately, though, the Check Engine light had come on. The other day, after waiting about over a week, finally we were able to get a hold of our mechanic, a friendly, non-professional guy by the name of Don Hoover, who finally gave my car a look-over. Checked the belts, battery, potential leaks, hooked up a computer to my car to check what the problems were.... It turned out my car needs something called an "EGR valve", I think...something about recycling the exhaust to make it burn finer or something.... All I know is that it's going to cost about a hundred or so.... -_-

But yet Hoover said my car still sounds great! He didn't hear any skips in the engine, things seemed to be going well...and my dad said he actually never expected it to go past 100,000, but it did, and it's still going strong. This begs the question...why was I all about getting a new car? Stephanie put it best, I think. "Everybody thinks you're an idiot for wanting a new car. Okay, Mikey, your car's been hit a few times, the outside is falling apart, the power steering's gone out twice now, it's been broken into, and the engine keeps having problems, but it keeps running! Do you have a copy of the Ten Commandments in your trunk, or something?!"

So I've decided to drive my car until the wheels fall off...potentially. While it occurred to me that my car isn't going to last forever...at the moment, it's going surprisingly well. I'm eventually going to get a new car...so what about if I were to sell this car to somebody? Not long ago, a friend of mine by the name of Mike Markley's car...burnt down. He even got a picture or two on his camera phone of it all! I was going to see if he might be willing to...but then I found out he already had a car lined up. So now, while still driving it, I'm seeing if anybody might be willing to buy my Plymouth Breeze (with four pistons of awesome!), and drive it around...with the large couple dents in the side giving it "personality", and everything!

In the meanwhile, though, I've gotten into the habit of making myself cassettes again for the car. Others burn CD's...I record cassettes. I've found myself listening to speed metal while out delivering pizzas, and found it somehow doesn't fit when you're cruising around at 30 miles-per-hour, and haveing to make frequent stops at lights.... ^_^;; Machinae Supremacy, the Guilty Gear soundtracks, and different game remixes have made it onto there...plus obscure mp3's I got from some Japanese guy's site I downloaded while at the apartment. Not that any of you actually care or anything, of course. ^_^;

I'm still curious when and if my car will finally break down, and its days traversing the roads, delivering people, goods, and services, and travelling distances far and wide will finally be over. Anybody who's seen my car thinks it's a complete piece of crap...but that's just the outside. It'd be nice to have a new car...maybe something with a CD player and power steering that doesn't sporadically give out momentarily...but until then, I think my car and I are tight, yo.
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