Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"Black Sunday"

Okay, you people who work at retail have your "Black Friday"--the day right after Thanksgiving. People violently flood into the malls, stores, and any outlets they can in order to begin their Christmas shopping and get the best deals that they're able. People who work over at McDonald's have their "Black 39-cent Hamburger Day", where the entire world seems to come exactly to only your McDonald's, and they want every...single...piece of processed meat on bun with ketchup, mustard, pickle, and chopped onions that they're able to get. Other places, I'm sure, have their "black" days...like maybe Fannie May's or flower shops the day right before Valentine's Day. But me...and everyone else that works in the pizza business, we have "Black Sunday".

Yeah, there's that "Superbowl" thing going on tonight, but the chances are that I probably won't be watching it at all. I'm going to be on the road, delivering these disks of dough with tomato, cheese, and various toppings flavoring itt all to any and certainly very, very many across Portage. This is our busiest day of the year, and chances are when I go into work (pretty soon), I'm going to be hit heavy and hard, and none of it will let up until I leave tonight. I'm actually surprised they didn't have me open today...but they usually never do for me on Sundays. Awfully nice of them.

This is something of a public service announcement and just a sporadic update, since I need to write in this journal more (how many times have I said that sentence now?). I'm just asking all of you who were planning on ordering pizza or having a party or whatever because of this final NFL game of the year to please, pleeeeeaaase be kind to your delivery guy, and if at all possible, maybe don't order at all. It's likely that, even though every single delivery driver is working today, it'll take awhile for your pizza to get to you, and even then it won't be as hot as maybe you'd like it.

Personally, I'd suggest something else...I don't know. But personally, I'm not really all that much for the Superbowl, really.... It's the commercials I like!! :D In the past, I've actually recorded only the commercials...just because they're all that cool.

One final thing. Last year, I got home from delivering pizzas just in time for the half-time show. I remember turning it on on my dad's big tv, and watching it, recalling one of the announcements previously said about this show was that there was going to be some "shocking" moves they would do. There was a band playing, and Janet Jackson got on stage, going into an intermission-like break in the song, where she cried out against things like war, hate...stuff like that. Then Justin Timberlake came on the stage, and I rolled my eyes. I really, really don't like the guy...and it has nothing to do with his past affiliation with Nsync. When there are grade school children talking about how they'll "have you naked by the end of this song"...okay, c'mon, people, what the crap!! And then there was the fateful "finale", with which Janet Jackson will forever be remembered for, possibly more than her music, and also the term "wardrobe malfunction" became a household word.

I have no idea what this year's Superbowl is going to be like...or actually even who is playing. I think I heard on the radio something about the Patriots.... Nehhh, not like I care too much. I'm just curious what the commercials are going to be like, and if there's going to be any reference to the "incident" last year. ^_^; If I end up missing anything really cool, could somebody please tell me?
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