Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Guten tag, holmes!

Today I was out delivering pizzas. On the radio, there was a commercial, and a guy asked, "Are you having problems picking out the perfect gift for your Valentine"? I shouted "NO!!" at him, then changed it.

Anyways, there isn't too much to report about my life. Sheesh, when updating semi-daily and not really anything happens with you...there's really not too much interesting stuff to say in here. o_O

A few new drivers were hired over at work, and one of them's a girl (whoah!). Just letting you folks know, there is never any drivers out there who are girls.... It's always just the case. But I'm hoping they can take these hours off me and the other pizza delivery drivers.

"All the boys in the band want a Valentine from a Barlow Girl!"

Anyways, just on tv was a movie called "Man on Fire" with Denzel Washington.... I was so disappointed! That's a complete misnomer! At no point in the movie was he ever on fire! I mean, not even his sleeve catching on fire or anything.... He was just...Denzel Washington! Walking around! ...and, erm...killing a lot of people, actually...but still! No fire.... :(

Oh yeah! I NEED AN ARTIST!! Preferrably somebody who draws chibis! Just a simple, small comic...and I'll commission you as well, and you'll get five bucks in the mail, 'kay? Ummmm...that's it.
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