Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Yay and nay

Dangit, this was meant for yesterday, but LiveJournal didn't want to cooperate. >_<

For the next couple weeks or so, it's going to be an interesting situation around the house. Yesterday morning, my mom left to go out to Tenino, Washington to go visit her brother. So~...everybody celebrate, Mom's out!! :D

But at the same time, there's a purpose for this. Come Monday, the 14th, that...one holiday, whatever people call it, my dad is going in for surgery. I think he has a hernia, or...something. I forget. It's something with his back or stomach...one of those two.... But the point is that he won't be able to lift anything heavy for awhile during his recovery. Mom needs help in and out of her wheelchair, the car, bed sometimes, and the like, so while Mom goes out to visit her little brother, Dad is going to be over here recuperating...and I have to help him out whenever I'm able.

I'm not sure if he'll still be going to work during this time, or what his plans are. While it'll be nice to have my obligations freed up some during this time, with Mom not around now...I'll still miss her. I'm sure that Dad will refuse to just stay around and stay in one place during this time...so, for the first time in a long time, I might actually get the whole house entirely during myself at times! =) This isn't too much of a big deal, really, but it is nice at times to just blare my speakers, and headbang in the kitchen, making a sandwich, while Philmore blares punk through the house.

Oh, another thing! I found a girl I met through the internet actually online lives fifteen minutes away from Tenino, Washington! Next time I go up to visit Uncle Phil and Aunt Carrell, I hope to visit her. How often do situations like this occur, huh?!

Anyways, to the artists who responded to my last post...the person who's going to do it actually went out of her way to personally get a hold of me, and this was before I read the replies, so Jenna is gonna help me out...and I'll show ya people later. ^_^

An odd development that occurred recently, though. I haven't finished a new music video since July, with that FLCL one. But that doesn't mean I'm completely out. So out of the blue less than a week ago, for any who know about a little amv.org, you know that receiving an opinion from nowhere is like a gift from above. But if you receive three from the same person (who, before this, has had absolutely no contact with you whatsoever), after s/he watches one of your vids, then decides to check out the rest...then you know something good just occurred. You got something of a fan. And I just received my first actual fan (you are, aren't you? ^_^;) of my videos in the person of Ryuko Halfdragon...who actually has really awesome art, and you need to see it...now. >_>

I'll write more tomorrow.
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