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Welp, I guess I'm to write more. I'm on break from work right now, so this won't be long. I'm actually surprised.... This is really, really freaking early to be taking a break. It's because we got in a few new drivers, like I mentioned before, and one of them is training today, so today's been pretty laid-back.

There's not really too much to report. Dad is still going in for surgery come Monday. I'm going to be opening on that day, so I won't be able to drive him...which, thankfully, my aunt/his sister is to undertake that duty. But what I found out was that during this time, he won't be working, so he's going to be around the house. A lot. He won't be working, and is taking about a month off from work. During this time, I'm to help him whatever way possible in dealing with things about the house or other duties, like groceries. Meanwhile, Mom is going to stay up in Tenino with Uncle Phil and Aunt Carrell. It'll be weird with her not around...I'm sure to miss her eventually...! =\

Anyways, speaking of Tenino...in case you don't know where it is, which is very likely you don't...it's a very, very small town in Washington State, with their school mascot of the Beavers. It's about a fifteen-minute drive from their capital of Olympia. And it's not far off from Longview.

Coming in May, my cousin up there is going to get married. This day falls upon May 15th. While that might not sound like an important date, to those around the Chicago-land area who are anime fans, you know that that is the final day of Anime Central. So I've been given a choice of either attending the wedding...or Anime Central...the wedding...or Anime Central....


I love my family, but I've had too much invested into this upcoming Anime Central not to go! XD So what I'm going to do instead is visit up there in April! I'm going to be up there from the 7th to the 10th, and I'll actually meet up with my internet friend, Alty, while up there as well! Pretty convenient! =)

...and, not saying anything, buuuuuut...it just so happens that Sakura Con is going to be happening up in Seattle at the same time...and on April 8th, actually, my aunt and uncle are leaving for Hawaii, of all things. So as it ends up, most of my time's likely to be spent at the anime con!

I really didn't mean for this to happen like this at all!! I really had no idea they'd be leaving for Hawaii then! o_O;;
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