Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I gots da hook-up in da hizzouse, yo

Yo, dawg, I ain't be playin'. I'm from the hard streets a' Wheeler, 350 North repre-sent!


Okay, I grew up in a rural neighborhood that couldn't get any whiter...but still, it was sort of hard! I mean...we lived next to train tracks...and were surrounded by cornfields! That counts for something...doesn't it?

Well, my wishes to be "OG" aside, I once again got myself a needed accessory, not in the form of bling-bling, but rather ring-ring. Back in October during Anime Reactor, my cell phone had evaporated. I want to clarify I didn't lose it.... "Losing" a cell phone involves being irresponsible with it, not taking care of it, and thus it ends up not being in your posession anymore. The appropriate term for what happened was that it...evaporated. >_> I'm serious!! Cell phone. It was in my pocket. Then by the end of the con, it wasn't there. I looked around and asked in the previous places I had been, but nobody had seen it...anywhere. So it evaporated. ...shut up, stop looking at me like that!

Anyhow, not long ago, my dad's phone started acting up. Apparently if you leave your cell phone in your car during winter, the coldness can cause condensation to build up, it can get in the circuitry, blah, blah, bad stuff goes down. So Dad picked himself up another cell phone, and got me one as well! So...I'm once again part of that cell phone elite, who get to walk around with that piece of plastic by there ear, talking to somebody without the constraints of pay phones or wires, or get to be in their car, not paying attention to traffic, driving like a jerk, on their cell phone! Yay~!

Of course, I don't really use it much for talking. I'm not too much a conversationalist, truth be told, and I like being straight and to the point. Which is why there's text-messaging! :D I've become a whiz at it, and though now hindered at the fact this phone's buttons are mostly flat and I can barely feel them, I'm very proficient in the art of cell phone...typing. So usually I text-message most people, instead of outright calling them, because I think of that as much more convenient.

...and also it's fun to do when they're sitting right next to you. ^_^ Dad treated me to Pepe's not long ago, and I was helping to explain the phone he just got while my hand stealthily worked out of sight. "Okay, it just said I got a message. Is it from you?" "Maybe. Click 'OK' while it's highlighting 'View' to see it." The message read "Im sitting across the table from u! :D" He paused a moment before asking, "Okay, and what button do I press to stab the guy sitting across from me?"

Being I lost my entire list of contacts with my old cell phone, I'm starting over from scratch again. Like I said, I'm not too great for conversation, but if anybody feels that I'm worthy of getting a hold of, feel free to have my number.


Yay for personal information given out on the internet! :D

Anyways, there really isn't too much else to say right now. My life's been nominal, for the most part. Stephanie stopped by the other day to teach me cooking, because she claimed I didn't know how to cook enough. And now I know how to make tuna salad. Boo-yah! Also, not too much has been going on with Mom out of the house right now. Dad sometimes has problems getting around, and is sore and tired more, but other than that he's been doing pretty well.

And that's it, so I'm going to quickly post up a link Erin had posted up. It's actually really, really entertaining, whether you're a Christian or not. I don't think Sir Mix-a-lot ever saw this coming.... This is for all my Bible gangstas in the house...word, yo, dawg, fo' shizzle, in the hizzy, dawg, yo, represent, yo...word.

"Baby Got Book."
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