Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

The word for today is "crackhead"

Well, it's my day off, and it feels goooooood to sleep in.... I just got back from going to see a movie with Dad. It was "Million Dollar Baby", and I'm sorry to any who don't like hearing me vent, but this is the only place I can do it at the moment.


Clint Eastwood is freaking incapable of making a blasted non-depressing movie!! -_-x I thought I'd check it out. I'd heard people say some nice stuff, most noteably Tokumei's brief, but awe-written review of it. But...but what the crap!! What sort of ending is that?! I mean, I'm not saying that movies always have to have a happy "yay I feel good" sort of ending to them...but geez! After that "certain event" went on, and the girl was at that one place for that time, I was asking "is there a point to showing all this?!" Geez, and it went and pulled a couple jabs at the Church, and then it all ended not on a bittersweet note, but just a bitter one. The guy then leaves...and isn't heard from again, just leaving to live out the rest of his days someplace nobody knows him. Just...just, rrrrrgh...! I mean, granted, it was an experience I guess for my life, but I likely wouldn't have seen it if I knew it was going to be like that...and I don't plan to watch it again.

Anyways, speaking of sad endings...I beat Metal Gear 3. And...and that's another thing! Going all that way! Fighting all those valiant battles, fighting for everything you can, a long, arduous mission to uphold safety and justice in the world...then you find out what really happened, what the deal about The Boss really was, and the whole story behind that...then it ends up you just got used! Hardcore!! With just nothing to freaking show for it! Everything just happens to get yanked away, and you end up getting left with a blasted hollow victory! What sorta ending's that?! Hmph, no wonder Big Boss went and started Outer Heaven in Zanzibar Land.... I'd be mad against the world too! ...and any excuse to make a cool walking tank is okay with me.

Anyways, it was sort of nice getting to hang out with Dad today. It's been an interesting experience this past week or so, just us. Mom isn't here, and Dad is around the house tons. It's just him and I. He's treated me out to dinner or lunch a lot, and even rented some movies, wondering if maybe I was interested in sitting down and watching them with him. I didn't get to see "Collateral" or "Anchor Man", though, while going out the door, Dad pulled me aside when I went to check what he was laughing so hard about, and there's Will Farrell's dog getting punted off a bridge. I know it's not too proper, but just seeing an obviously stuffed dog falling from a bridge made me chuckle.... ^_^;

We always end up having interesting conversations too. I don't think my dad and I are as close as some people's families might be, but at the same time I'm grateful for him. It's not because of this I love him, biut he's willing to pay for needless things I don't really need. Even today when we were at Buffalo Wild Wings, he heard me remark something about the cheesecake, and he asked if I wanted a slice. Geesh, I'd love a slice, but I'm not gonna make somebody pay four bucks for one! Anyways, Dad's actually got a lot of strong views, and is pretty vocal about politics and the war in Iraq if you ask him about it. Plus I know I'm somewhat unusual, and he always like to (lovingly) call me a crackhead...as well as anything else that's sort of crazy. "You're a crackhead," I responded at one point today. "Yeah, I know I'm a crackhead!" he said. "You have to be a crackhead to get married and have kids, right?" I asked. "No, your wife and kids make you become a crackhead! Force you to go out and do crack!" Ahh, dangit, I love him....

Anyways, I suppose that's it for now. I'm trying to write in here more, but only when I have something interesting to say. ^_^;
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