Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mikey types

The assault had begun. As we waited there in our fortress, the three of us keeping guard, the enemy slowly trickled in, but as the flow never ceased, we realized it was a full-scale attack. One after the other, the combatants poured in, all riding in their steel vehicles of war, made to be impermeable to those blows of justice which we were to deal. There was nothing we could do to stop them, except futilly fight back. I sat at the front post, garbed for battle, positioned so that one-by-one they came through, having nowhere else to go. Those who became frustrated with this went elsewhere, hoping to permeate our base from elsewhere. They failed. I took the front of the assault, but not the full force. My teammates behind me took most of it, while some times they yelled at me to temporarily stop and get them supplies. It was a hard battle...seeming to last forever, but in all honesty it was only a half-hour. Finally the last came through. A portly man with a woman riding shotgun. He came through, attempting to deal a final blow to us, but we were ready. We were ready when we first stepped onto the tiled floor of the stronghold, we were ready. My post being freed up, I went to the backlines where he had gone, and all three of us struck together one final blow to vanquish the enemy. Bamf!! He scurried away, having been defeated, but satisfied with what he had done to us.

Then finally, there was silence and a seemingly fictitious sense of tranquility that finally settled through our small barracks. One of my team mates yelled out an expletive in frustration at what we went through, while the other one went to assess and repair the damage, as well as start to resupply. And me...I leaned onto the counter, giving a relieved sigh. "Is it finally over now?" I thought to myself, somewhat bewildered.

It was. At least the main assault had gone. There were a few stragglers that came during the next few hours, but they were easily fended off. Our team used to be united and strong, but then they all started to drift away. It started with the punk rocker Chris, then dissension began amongst the ranks, and next talk of desertion started, with the older and hardened woman Judy actually leaving, while other members did as well. And finally our unit had only come down to us four, with some green soldiers being recruited in as well. Oh, they were unskilled as it comes to our usual line of work. They're used to fighting, but not this time of the night...and they never saw the aftermath. "The horror..." they muttered to themselves. "...the...horror...." Needless to say, not many chose to stay with us. We sure are only the few, but we are not the proud, and are definitely a far cry from the marines. We're just Wendy's closers.
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