Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I am a walking, living, breathing factory of bacteria!

No, really, I'm sick. I've got a horrid cold that only today is finally letting up. -_- ...um...yeah, I know techincally colds qualify as viral infections...but you get the basic idea, don't you? >_>

Anyways, there really isn't much to say still over here. Mom is coming back on Thursday, and it'll be nice to have her home. The only thing I might have to complain about, though, is that she now wants me to move my computer out of the living room. I don't know if I've ever talked much about my computer space here, but I'm stowed away in the corner. Bahhh, ahh well....

Anyways, I've been inspired to get to work. The deadline for the Anime Central AMV contest is April 1st. I now have an entire month to get this thing done. I've been trying to work with the footage I have, but it's not been doing well, and I'll need to get the DVD's and extract the footage myself. Does anybody out there have any suggestions for DVD-ripping programs...like, to make the footage into mpeg's or avi's?

Today at work we lost another driver. I saw a guy named Nick conversing with my manager, and the length of their conversation and little tidbits I caught, like "sorry" and "better job" cued me in that something was wrong. Nick is somebody I've known since I first started working there, and helped me a little bit in getting settled into delivering pizzas. But the most striking thing about him is his unquestionably uncanny resemblance to a fellow I know by the name of Adam Hanley. Now, I haven't talked to Hanley in a considerable amount of time...but Nick is very much like the guy. He's shorter than a lot of the people there, and his voice and manner of talking are spot-on. The only way he could be even more like Hanley was if he liked Linkin Park to death, thought Vegeta of Dragonball Z was the greatest thing ever, and enjoyed "hanime" (that was our term in high school, and hit fit him and the anime he enjoyed very well...).

Anyways, lately, I've been trying to get myself more hard copies of my music. I've been burning CD's for myself and friends to use in their cars, as well as recording cassettes for my own. Making your own musical cassette for your car is an annoying and arduous process. You have to make sure your playlist of songs is less than a half-hour, then you press "Record" after hooking up an audio wire in the recorder into the speaker outlet, then for the next thirty minutes, you can't do anything on the computer, and you have to hope that annoying freaking Weatherbug doesn't start chirping, telling you that there's weather outside. And then, there's the other side of the cassette to record on too....

Anyways, I guess that's all I can currently think up interesting to say at the moment. Oh yeah, and I bought "Shenmue" for the Dreamcast. Boo-yeah. ;)
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