Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Fast and squealing guitars sound cool

All right.... At the moment, I'm a little frustrated. I recently uncovered in my music files a group of speed metal songs which are really, really awesome (Final Fantasy battle music and the Super Mario theme done in speed metal? boo-freaking-yeah) that turn out to have been done by the same guy! There's also some Guilty Gear music that was done as well...and I never knew about this, because I never saw the artist name, until now...and find he's responsible for it all. "S.S.H." That...is this guy/girl/band's name. ...but that's honestly all I have. Just the name. Searching Google for this, I'm coming up totally nil. :\ Potholders, machinery, water pumps, Macintosh downloading...g'ahhhhh, this isn't what I need! I want S.S.H.! With hardcore, rocking speed metal fun! =\ I like awesome metal that ain't evil!

G'ahh, anyhow, moving onto another subject, Dad has recently surprised me with his once again unexpected taste in music. Recently, while driving Dad's car, I decided to make myself some CD's to listen to...as well as some CD's for some folks at work. There's a girl there named Monica who brought in a CD full of punk covers. Hearing MxPx doing a psychotic cover of "Barbie Girl" was plenty amusing, Rufio did a very nicely done version of "Like a Prayer", and some other ones I can't quite think of at the moment. A~nd, for those who have ever looked through my library, you'd notice that punk covers are one thing that I really, really love as far as my musical tastes are concerned. So I burned her a CD...and myself a copy too to listen to, filled to the brim with fun punk songs.

I left my CD in Dad's car, though, and the other day when he gave me a ride somewhere, it turned out that the CD I had left in there had not been ejected out! In fact, I found out, he had been listening to it...a whole lot. I asked him in surprise if he liked that on there and wanted a copy, but he quietly dismissed it. He's just covering up for the fact he actually enjoys some of those songs, I'm sure of it...!

I put in another CD I had made while we were driving, which actually ended up staying in there as well. A slow ukelele began strumming for a few seconds, before the singer began calmly singing along with. "I used to think I could not...go on.... That life was nothing but an...awful song.... But now I know the meaning of...true love.... And I'm leaning on...the everlasting...arms...." Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo.... "If I can see it...I can do it.... If I just believe it...there's nothing to it...." Then there was a second of a long pause....

And that's when the guitars hit. "I believe I can fly!! I believe I can touch the sky!! I think about it every night and day!!" And I'm sure you know the rest.

My dad still says I'm on crack. o_O Nawwwww, it's just Cadbury creme eggs! :D
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