Mikey (neomikey) wrote,


All right, folks, right now I'm at my friend Justin's place. I've been here since yesterday, because, coincidentally, I landed two days off in a row, which's the first time it's happened in...sheesh, dang, a long time! o_O I don't know entirely how it happens, but my boss always happens to give me the days off that I need just when I need them! And what has been going on over here, you might ask? Bust-A-Move. You old-skoolers in tha gaming hood know what I'm talking about, yo, fo' shizzle. The Bubble Bobble characters with their own puzzle game, involving shooting and lining up colored bubbles. But that's not why I'm here! I'm actually...here, because there's an anime music video that needs to be finished. My computer has been giving me a big ":P" for some time now, especially when it comes to my video editor. But thankfully...Justin's computer doesn't, and he's been gracious enough to allow me the time to use this.

I know I talked about it so, so many months ago, like back in October when I actually by chance got the...chance to meet Superchick in person. But now, after going through all the trouble, delays, and computer errors, it's finally well underway, and I aim to finish before the beginning of April, so I can enter it with Anime Central's AMV contest (the deadline's the end of this month). So by the grace of God, this thing will get done, and egads, I think it'll be my proudest video ever...and in a good way...not, y'know, stuck-up and snobby, or some crap.

I'll let you folks know what's going on again later. And for all your cheers of "ganbatte ne" and "fai-to" all those months back...thank you. :) I don't plan to let you down.
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