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Last night

Last night at work was literally the latest I'd ever been at Wendy's. A lot happened. And surprisingly, morale was pretty high among everybody there. Everybody did their work okay, and there was actually laughing and some joking around. It was the combination of people, I think. It all just...fit. It was like the four of us were the sort of people that would actually hang around elsewhere outside of work. This was...the first time I think this has ever happened in my two-year span at Wendy's. Ever. Honestly! Pretty interesting to see. Also last night I think I had something of a soundtrack while working there. I had this Megaman 2 remix stuck in my head, as well as two songs from Machinae Supremacy: this huge, long, Bubble Bobble-licious song and "I Turn To You". This reminds me, you should visit both respective sites where these have come from: O.C. Remix and teh Machinae Supremacy. Anyways, I need to get ready for work. I'll post more later. See you folks, and God bless!
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