Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

DUDE!! I have a LiveJournal!!

Well! ...dang, been awhile since I've posted in here, hasn't it. o_O Almost a month, to be exact!

And I had so much to talk about too! Geesh, I even went up to Washington, got to visit internet pal Alty, and also attended Sakura Con! I also got my Toyota Corolla some time ago, and it's been working nicely, and even have a Shippo plushie hanging from the rear-view mirror (my next entry will be car-centered, I promise!). My AMV got entered into Anime Central's contest, I've been working on getting the costume assembled, work continues to have me work, and then on the spare off days, I'm usually out taking care of business that I didn't get to do on my working days, then come home tired and sleep! ^_^;

Bahhhh.... Well, I suppose that's the condensed version of what's been going on with me. Not really anything to report here....well, except that it's Mother's Day today. HAPPY MAMA'S DAY!!

This morning, I took my mom to church with me. She hasn't ever been to my church, so I figured today would be a nice day for her to check it out, and she accepted. She wasn't used to an actual band playing the music, and at one point she leaned over to me and asked where the organ music, like her Catholic church, was. She also kind of thought it was neat to have a screen right in front of the church where the lyrics for the songs, as well as notes during the sermon, were put up. And afterwards she was given a package from the church, including a mug! XD

Anyhow, as far as my AMV goes...that's...been making waves around here and on the internet. People really like the song...and the video that goes along with it. I'm just worried it won't have been accepted into Anime Central's contest, because of "video quality" issues! ^_^;; ...dangit, if my comp wasn't dying....

Anyhow, I need to get back to work soon...but before I do!! I just wanted to say that when I went up to Washington, I needed to rent a car, and in order to do that, I needed a credit card.... So Mikey has a credit card!! XD AND!! Do you know what I can do with that credit card? I can purchase stuff...from the interweb!! So here are two pictures declaring my purchasing power! *runs off cackling with his "magically gets me lots of things for free, free, free (...until I have to pay it back)" card*

...don't hide it. ;) I know you're jealous!!

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lol plushies
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