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I'm guessing people want me to do an obligatory Anime Central report post. ...ah...sure! Acen was all right! ...egads, I was freaking tired during the whole thing, though...but I guess little sleep, little food, and wearing uncomfortable armor during the whole thing can do that to you. ^_^;

They also had their AMV contest, and yes, my video did get accepted (thank you, Dan Milliken!). Unfortunately, the video quality was low and it looked like crap when showed on the screen. x_X ...aaaaaand...nope! I won nothing! Nahhhhh--seeeng! Not even "honorable mention". Honestly, that was disheartening...I was hoping I'd at least get a little bit of recognition, then maybe finally get some status in the AMV community at large (Daniel Chang, Bogosort, Sailor Death, and Pwolf were some of the attendees...!), but...ehh, I guess I'll have to wait for another contest (...and work on my video quality xP).

I was really disappointed I didn't find out about some of the guests till after I would have been able to meet them. The Pillows were there (they did the cool music for FLCL)...but you needed to wait in line to get a ticket to see them...and I didn't get to. T_T And I would have given them a copy of my FLCL video, being I used a portion of their song in it! Also, the voices of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black were there. Also, the guy who does "Secret of Mana Theater" was also in attendance...and I got his autograph on a mini-poster. :) Fred "Piro" Gallagher of Megatokyo fame was there, and I got his autograph and a small sketch from him! ...but then I had a heartbreaking event happen to me when the Megatokyo manga somehow disappeared from my bag, and all that...I don't have anymore. :( I also got to stand around and talk with Andrew Hoskins...of Studio Sokodei...and for those of you who don't know, those are the folks behind "Evangelion: ReDeath", "Nescaflowne", and "Faboy Bebop"...of which I got to see while in attendance! Aside from a small blurb where they did a fake trailer called "Japan vs. God", Fanboy was one of the best productions I'd ever seen! It accurately expressed the different levels of anime fandom out there, while at the same time addressing issues like dubs, "old school" fans, and n00bies. Ub3r great stuff!! Also, Michael Poe was in the artist alley...which actually unsettled me a bit.... ^_^; Plus...I didn't find this out till the very closing ceremonies when a friend told me who the guy on stage was...the voice of Gir was there. Yeah. I said that right. The Gir you all know and love. It...him...Gir!!!!!!!!!1

A lot of friends I knew attended there, and I saw them around the con. I hadn't seen Joe S.B. in awhile, plus I got to see basically all of the gang from Valpo. Also, it was nice to see Kenmei Rokugatsu in attendance, and got to say hi to her again. It was pretty nice getting to see her again and actually have a conversation instead of just getting drawn by her! ^_^ But other than them...I didn't really meet anybody. I know a lot of people view anime cons as social events...but really...I don't ever, ever meet anybody new. I'm honestly disappointed by that, because these are my sort of people. They're fellow anime fans, and around here, their breed is a really rare thing. I remember once seeing a short flash animation, talking about how anime makes the world a better place...and if everyone out there watched anime, would it be possible we'd have world peace? "But then we'd have an internet filled with tentacles, hentai, and cat people. Be careful what you wish for!"

Blehhhh.... Next con I need to look at the site, look at the events, look at the guests, get there early, and plan everything, instead of getting to the con at 3, waiting in line for over three hours to register, then randomly finding out what's going on...usually too late. -_- And I wanted to visit the webcomics round table!

Well, I guess that's it.... But I know that there's something a lot of you have been wondering about. No, I didn't take the bus up to Rosemont, because that was $18 a ride. So...no. Freaking...no. Instead I took the train...which was just $8-something total for a ride...which pleased me. :) And...yes, my costume was too clunky to put in a bag, so I had to wear it on there! ;D And what, praytell, did I look like exactly, that kept attracting everyone's curious glances and warranting unwanted whispering amongst them all?

Something like
Samurai Pizza NeoMikey!

I'm not that unusual, am I...? I'm just a Samurai Pizza Cat, that's all...! Now stop snickering to yourselves, because I had fun! I don't care if I look like a dork or not, I was happy with it! ^_^

And that's all I'm writing.
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