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Welcome back

A few days ago, my parents returned from their trip to Washington. ...oh yeah, I don't think I mentioned that before. The reason that I went up to Washington last month was because my cousin's wedding was on Anime Central...so, during Anime Central, both my parents took their turn up in Washington...attending my cousin's, Marie Simmons (...last name is something else now x_X), wedding. So~ I had the place to myself...for about one day. o_o; And during that day I worked. Go~ stuff.

Anyhow, the other day, I found our neighbor had been taking the mail in and putting it on the table...when I found a manilla envelope addressed to me, of all people. My friend with me at the time was wondering exactly why I launched into a high-pitched giggling fit, because upon opening...I found it was foreign! Surprisingly, Australian handwriting is the same as American! :D A letter from Biccy! It was nice to hear from ya! =) Enclosed within was some art she had done in the past...which I decided to conglomerate with other artwork I've received in the past. Here it all is now! ;D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

At each convention I go to, I usually pick up a piece of art or two...and I think I have more of a reason to now! :) In the upper-left corner is the back of the Lunar: EBC map...which is Hiro and Lucia. Right below it is a picture I got last year at Jafax with Radical Edward leaning on top of Chiyo-chan's head. I'd like to get a big conglomerative picture of Radical Edward, Sasami/Pretty Sammy, Kaola Su, and Chiyo-chan some day.... XD Right next to it is an autographed picture of Mick Foley...of wrestling fame. To the right of that is a picture I picked up from Sakura Con's mascot's artist. She actually made a couple more mascot for a couple different things...and this is the AMV mascot! =) The~n below that row on the left is a picture of Radical Edward drawn by my pal Jessica for my birthday (there's a letter on the back of it too :) ), then to the right of that is a photocopied picture of Zack from Biccy's comic Dreamway...then to the right of that one is another picture from her of two people named Adam and Eve (they're blonde, dangit!). ...when I first saw a picture of them on Deviant Art, I thought that Biccy had actually drawn fanart of the Bible! XD The~n to the right of that one is an inked picture of Chiyo-chan I picked up from Jafax...and to the right of that is an autographed print of Puchiko! Nyu! At Anime Reactor, Roku-chan's husband saved that from accidentally getting left there. That's part of how I became friends with her! ^_^ The~n below that row, on the left, is an inked picture of Biccy's Zack...which, without shading, has a more "cell-shaded" feel to it. And speaking of cell shading, to the right of that one is "Mist", another one of Biccy's, done in markers! Then to the right of that one is another photocopy from her sketchbook, and it's another one of Zack...except this one has more of a background than the other one's...and it's pretty surreal, actually. A~nd there's another piece of art I was recently given by (link!), but it went elsewhere in my room on the wall, because it was small and I didn't want it overshadowed by the full sheets of paper ^_^; And aye, Biccy, I'll work on picking you up the needed item you requested. :) I just ask you do one thing in return: be an awesome Ed Alric cosplayer! ;D

Upon my parents arrival, I found out that Dad had actually picked me up a present! Memento! Whee! ...but when I found out what it was...I felt...slightly leery o_o; While visiting Tacoma Mall in Tacoma Washington, Dad had run into a small anime store...and figuring I liked anime, he picked me up a wall scroll! Because it was anime! ...but which anime was it? Now...I love my dad...very much...and I really do appreciate the fact he remembered me and picked me up something. His heart was in the right place. But...I've never seen "Prince of Tennis", and somehow...I wonder if it's possible I'd be able to get into it! o_O An anime that is all about tennis...doesn't seem...terribly interesting to me. Now, I understand I could be wrong, but...c'mon! It's called "Prince of Tennis"! Tennis!! (...I have nothing against tennis, f.y.i., but I'd prefer my anime selections to either be funny, cute, or have giant ninja pirate robots lighting things on fire...or just have giant robots, and keep the angst at minimum o_o;)

But that little vacation over at Anime Central is now over, and I am once again working without much of any kind of break in sight. Y'know...personally, I was wondering what might happen if I quit my job. Just left. Just decided to pack my things, somehow get my mitts on a laptop, then travel around the country (or maybe the world?) and visit the friends I know online. I think it would be pretty fun.... Ehh...but I'm grounded here in my car, listening to techno and power/speed metal with some 89.7, Shine.FM thrown in there as well, delivering pizzas up to people's doors and being paid for it. Maybe some day...I'll be able to turn my life into a real-life rpg and travel around, picking up party members, all while trying to reach some goal of thwarting evil or achieving a greater good. Mm...the only thing is that this isn't a medieval world or Kill Bill, so we can't carry about swords. Maybe cosplay weapons would be an okay substitute.

I think I had a lot more to write in this entry, but if I added it now, the flow would be messed up, and I think you folks are probably tiring of my current ranting. I'll save those words for another time. ;)
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