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So I was delivering newspapers

Actually it was about last week...but I haven't really thought to update my journal till now ^_^; I know I'm kind of a slacker when it comes to writing in this thing...and there are some folks out there who want me to write more...but, um still...!

Anyhow, last week...pal Urd and co were going to attend a con up in Canada (Anime North)...and during this time they needed someone to take care of newspapers. "Please," I asked, "find someone else. It really...is hard on me...." And they did try, honestly...but came up with nothing. So for four nights...I was the guy bagging papers, throwing them onto people's steps/porch, then going back to my car and driving to the next house. It was kind of fun...because I liked to think of myself as being a ninja, stealthily stalking from house to house, going from yard to yard, sneaking in unseen, and the only trace of my presence ever having been there was in that conveniently placed paper in a plastic bag that detailed the current events, relevant and irrelevant, to any who were interested. ...but personally, I just usually am interested in the comics. :)

It really wasn't too hard. I think that this is really the fourth time I've ever done this for them, and also usually they're pretty nice about paying me back. Urd and her family are the people who helped me to put the Samurai Pizza Cats costume together...and really, aside from a small thing or two, I'd have had no clue where to even begin with its construction. I made Urd happy this time when she asked me to do it was to just give me a list of all the addresses on her route, and I'd be able to do each of them--she didn't even have to show me what ways to take this time or anything. I am and am not happy I've got the route down pretty well--while I can do it well, at the same time that means she has more of a reason to ask me in the future...and rousing myself out of bed at 1 in the morning and driving a half-hour just to get to there isn't something I like doing.

But I suppose it didn't affect me too much. With a can of Full Throttle or Bawls with me, I was able to keep myself awake during the days where, between delivering pizzas or delivering newspapers, I didn't get to get much sleep. It was from Thursday night (technically Friday morning x_x) to Sunday night (technically Monday morning x_x)...but what kind of upset me was that on Saturday morning...again...at 9-freaking-30 in the morning...work wanted to hold another "Champs meeting, go go go go!! :DDDDDDD"...and regardless of the fact I looooooaaaathe...these things...and they hold virtually no importance or signifigance to me whatsoever, I still had to go. ...and of course everybody was "^_^ YAYYYYYYY!!! WE LOVE PIZZA HUT!! WE LOVE CHAMPS!! GOOOOOOO~ CHAMPS!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY LETS DOOOOO THIS~~~~!!!!!!1" Geesh, even some guy there looked like he was on his way to band practice, was in marching band outfit and everything, and even brought his trumpet! I really don't need to hear trumpet-sounding at a meeting.... But I was kind of upset, though, that I actually ended up being late to it. I got back the previous...morning...at 6, plopped into my comfy futon-ish chair thing, went to go check for e-mail...and passed out semi-comfortably...only to happen to become slightly awake at 9:20, and the first word I said was "crap"...and upon arrival, with the meeting going, everyone burst into thunderous applause upon my arrival. ...have I mentioned I really don't like these meetings?

But anyways, enough complaints about that, I didn't want write this to dwell on the dissatisfaction of work-imposed early-morning torture. The first night was okay. I didn't sleep before going in, and had a couple energy drinks and caffeine-loaded beverages at my side...and this was the first time the new Corolla ever got to go through with this. It went well enough...though the next night it turned out I missed a couple houses that weren't on the list. The next night, it turned out the same thing happened. The thing that surprised me the most, though, was that I hadn't ever delivered newspapers during this time of the year before...so I was surprised to see evidence of the sun going to rise at 4:30 in the morning, and actually not needing to turn on the light to read the address list by 5. I was so used to it being mostly dark for the entire thing, and only when I finished the route would the sun be over the horizon...and right in my eyes.

There were a couple noteable things that happened while I was out. For one...I tossed a newspaper onto someone's roof. I remember freezing up and blanching at the sight, just thinking "...aw crap". The next morning, though, I saw it had been removed...so I wrote in sharpie on their newspaper bag apologizing for terrible aim. I never was in baseball, unless you want to count t-ball back in kindergarten. And I was on the football team, but I was only the water boy/"manager" then. ...and you wouldn't believe how un-aerodynamic these things are!

...and actually, I wrote a couple more apologies on some newspapers too. When I found out that there were some addresses I missed that weren't on the list I was given...I wrote a brief apology to the said households in sharpie on their bag before it went up to their door. I also made sure to include I was only a temp, and this sort of thing wasn't normal...! ^_^;

But there was one place I felt violated, though. I went to deliver to an apartment when there was somebody just outside. I casually went up, gave a brief greeting, then asked if he was the person living in apartment 1550. "No, but I'll take it anyway so I can read it." I handed him the paper, a little curious. "...you mean you'll give it to 1550?" "[Heck] no." And right then the door closed in back of him. I stood there stunned for a moment...watching him through a tiny window go back up the stairs to his apartment, probably inwardly gloating he had a victory over the dumb delivery boy...then I went back to the car, thankful there were extras, grabbed a paper and threw it against the door, then pulled down an eyelid and stuck out my tongue at the door, not paying attention that he wasn't even watching. I mean...dude, c'mon! I know I was at fault there...but still!

While out on my deliveries, I made sure to make myself a new CD. The tune of Endless Waltz's "White Reflection" permeated the dewy air of the early morning, while some OC remixes joined in, while other techno and "Stomp To My Beat" gave a tempo to keep me going...throwing in a punk cover of "Fraggle Rock"...and of course finishing with Strongbad's homespun techno. >_>

...no, I didn't flip the lights on and off.

...and if you're an amv.org member, check the video of the remix.


I wanna do an Azumanga Daioh AMV.

But anyways, finally, Monday morning, it was all over, and I went back home, a battered and bruise, tired old man, went to my bed, and curled up with my new Sad Girl in Snow blanket (quiet!!), and drifted off to sleep. If I lived closer...I might not mind delivering papers so much...but it's still not bad. Only about four hours or less out of my life a day. And if you live right in the area, after doing it for so long...I imagine it's easy. A quick and easy way to make money. Once when I went out with Urd and her daughter Hillary, with the both of them working together, they went from start to finish in less than an hour. Granted you don't ever get a day (...or night, whatever) off, but it's not too strenuous of work...though I imagine for the car it's otherwise. x_x I think it's a possible doable profession for me...though really, I still want my dream job of video editing somewhere or being a voice actor! =\

I was glad it coincided with a day off, and I got the chance to do like I did in the past, and maybe sleep in till 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I never liked doing that, truth be told...but for that day, I still wouldn't have minded. ...but then after a few hours of lying there still in my clothes in bed...I got a call on my cell. ^_^;; Granted, I didn't answer...but still it woke me up. I guess that's why I need to remember the power button. But what was my Star Wars-inspired response?

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